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Honda Civic-X Rear Motor Mount

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*Cast Street RMM ETA to ship is 5/18/21*

*Billet Race RMM ETA to ship is 5/28/21*

In the midst of power upgrades becoming more prevalent; it is easy to focus on horsepower and torque figures. However, your numbers don’t mean much if you can’t get the power to the ground effectively.

Enter the Rear Motor Mount…the performance part you didn’t know you needed.

100% of the power your Honda Civic’s engine creates must be applied to the axles/wheels/tires to get them rolling and your Civic moving; but what holds the engine in place? The rear engine mount (along with the other two mounts) have the demanding job of keeping the engine in your Civic SI in-place. Unfortunately, the OE engine mount quickly loses effectiveness as the engine power output increases.

If you find yourself fighting for traction and would like to improve throttle response then look no further, the 27WON Performance Rear Engine Mount is the performance upgrade just for you.


Compared to OE and other options on the market you may notice something is missing…or is it? With our design less is more; which is why our mount utilizes only one polyurethane isolated mounting point.

The mounting point between engine and RMM has a primary motion and secondary motion.

  • Primary = rotational
  • Secondary = up/down

  • The polyurethane mounting point on the engine reduces the primary rotational movement of the engine while still allowing a small amount of movement due to the polyurethane compressing.

    The rigid mounting point connected to the chassis sub-frame eliminates the up/down motion that the engine follows while the engine rotates. This eliminates associated secondary vibration and thus reduces NVH. Check out the blogs below for more details.


In an effort to reduce weight and maintain strength, the 27WON Performance RMM utilizes an “I-Beam” style design (very similar to high performance connecting rods) to connect the two mounting points. This design provides a reduction in weight without a significant sacrifice in tensile and compressive strength. The weight savings add up to ~1/2 lb vs OE.


A noticeable bump up in performance (street) or leave it all on the track (race). The 27WON engine mount is available with 2 options for durometer hardness so you can select a mount that best suits your driving profile. Our 70A street gives a big drop in torque steer while being more civil in regards to NVH as compared to our 90A race. Our 90A race mount is for for those who put outright performance over comfort and can accept the extra NVH that gives them maximum performance.


The steel sleeve within the polyurethane pucks is manufactured from 303 stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. The twin poly bushings are custom molded from a proprietary polyurethane blend. This material is chosen because it offers excellent performance in dynamic loading, shock absorption, and water environment, the exact conditions your engine mount will be subjected to.


The body of the 27WON Race RMM is manufactured from two types of material depending on your choice. 6061-T6 billet aluminum for superior strength and weight or die-cast aluminum for a more budget friendly version. Both versions utilize our same CAD design to ensure a mount that will perform for your 10th gen Honda Civic.


Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) is an evaluation of the various irritants that can be transmitted through the vehicle into the cabin and directly to the driver and passengers. OE engineers and designers spend countless hours reducing/eliminating NVH from vehicles, however, this sometimes comes with a compromise in performance and vehicle feedback. Not all NVH is created equal, an OE designer may consider turbo noise to be unwanted NVH, whereas a performance enthusiast may consider it a desired sound.

At 27WON when designing performance parts that may affect the vehicles NVH we strive to find the right balance of performance improvement and NVH increase. Ideally, we are able to create a performance part that does not affect NVH, but that is not always the case. Examples are exhaust systems, intake system, engine mounts, suspension components…etc.

With the addition of a 27WON performance engine mount increased NVH will be an inherent part of the upgrade. While we do our absolute best to deliver a mount that works great and feels amazing some customers may find the higher levels of NVH to be too great. It is our guarantee that 100% of customers will love this mount. If for any reason you have any concerns with the mount simply reach out to us and our team will be sure to find a solution that works for you.


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Installing Your Performance Rear Engine Mount

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This motor mount is amazing. You will experience increased NVH but the car will feel so much more put together. The shifter is smoother and the power feels more balanced. Love this mount. Highly recommend.
2018 Si, MeanGreenSi.
27won Catted FP/DP and RMM installed at the same time. Damn the car feels amazing! The take off is smoother then the Hasport I had. You do feel more nvh which I like, it’s not for everyone. But your either spinning or going, no wheel hop at all. Car feels amazing and sounds amazing, I’m still on the stock catback too. This motor mount made a huge difference. More pics and info on the civicx forum under MeanGreenSi. Hit me up if you have questions and you want to here from a customer instead of employee. I will check 27won first for upgrades from now on.
This just amplify the sound that was already there in a good way! Everyone needs to buy this mount. I can tell any mount that’s softer than this one is junk. This mount completely changed my car in the direction that I want. I can shift easily now no issues. My car only has 2500 miles and I always would grind slightly shift gears like the transmission must of been movement in between shifts. I’ve owned a ton of cars and never had that happen before. This mount has fixed it completely.
As soon as this product came out I got on the pre-order list, requested overnight shipping, and I'm so glad I did. I had a track day a week after I installed it (which was not hard by any means) and it performed great! The mount provides feedback that is so necessary if you want to get the most performance out of your car. I absolutely love it, the NVH is not harsh by any means, and it even passed the wife test!

I absolutely recommend this for any 10th gen civic if you want to improve your cars performance.
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All 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models
Including Sport and SI models
2017+ Civic Type R
***NOTE*** NVH will increase over OEM mount, the increased levels of NVH may or may not be suitable for some customers