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10th Gen Civic Front Strut Tower Bar FSTB


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FSTB Master Cylinder Brake Brace 2016-2021
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Chassis stiffness is an often an overlooked aspect of performance that can be easily improved with a simple bolt-on brace. However, not all braces and bars are created equal.

We run our 10th Generation Civics on the street and track all the time. It's obvious to us that the cars could benefit from increased chassis stiffness. We knew we had to find a way to REDEFINE the Front Strut Tower Brace (FSTB) for this awesome community.

Performance, aesthetics, and additional bracing improve driver feedback and define the 27WON FSTB for all 10th Gen Civics… Type R, SI, and Base models alike.

Click to find out what you can expect when installing a master cylinder brake brace

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The unique dual tube design and one-piece construction comes together to create a high-performance strut tower brace that improves chassis stiffness AND looks great in your engine bay.

One-piece construction has superior strength over a 3-piece brace and the dual tube design keeps the profile slim in the engine bay while complimenting the natural body lines of the 10th Gen Civic.

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Installation is a breeze for CTR and not much more difficult for other Civics. For all non-CTR applications we include a new battery ground cable for proper fitment.

Be sure to check out our web friendly installation instructions. Download the FREE Dozuki app for color step-by-step instructions right from your mobile device.

Click here for a full DIY video on how to install and adjust your master cylinder brace.

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Available in addition to the FSTB as an upgrade or for purchase later is our billet aluminum master cylinder brake brace. The 27WON brake brace is designed to bolt on directly to your performance strut tower bar and press against the brakes master cylinder. The purpose of this is to reduce the flex of your master cylinder on the firewall.

By adding the brake brace you will reduce the movement of your brake master cylinder which will result in a more solid pedal feel and more consistent feedback when on track or under hard braking. This upgrade is a must-have for anyone looking to push the car's on-track performance.

Available in two versions, we have a Brake Brace for your particular Honda Civic.

  • Select (sedan & coupes-only) to get the correct brace to attach to your 2016+ Honda Civic, SI and other 1.5T 4-door and 2-door models. will not fit NA 2.0L models
  • Select (hatchback-only) to get the brace for your Civic Type R and all 5-door hatchback models 2016+.

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Learn about the concept: REDEFINE Design Pt. 1

Discover what makes this bar the best: Rigid Strength Design Pt. 2

Thousands of combined miles of on-road testing: Beta Tester Approved Design Pt. 3

Why you need a brake brace: Stop The Flex Design Pt. 4

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There are two common design approaches for strut tower braces in the industry today: Bolted End-plates and Fixed End-plates.

Bolted end-plate designs allow for the use of different materials for the cross bar and the end-plates and are much easier to design and manufacture. However, the design has a weak point. The bolted connection between the cross bar and end-plates compromises rigidity. In single bolt connections the rigidity (buckling strength) of the brace is compromised by a factor of 4!

Fixed end-plate designs feature single material construction. This results in a more complex manufacturing method but the result is a design that is 4 times stronger than a similar bolted end-plate design.

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Utilizing a one-piece design with a goal for superior strength and slim profile, steel construction was the ideal choice. Thick-walled dual tubes are welded to the tower plates utilizing center cylinder construction to provide a robust chassis brace.

All of our bars are finished off in powder-coat for durability and a sleek look.

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You know if its a 27WON upgrade then we need to offer it up in some 27WON style. You can acquire this bar in either a Wrinkle Black powdercoat or in our Signature Orange powdercoat. Which ever option you choose you will be adding some bonus style points under the hood.

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  • RHD fitment of bar not yet confirmed
  • Brace will not work on RHD fitment vehicles
  • Will not work on NA 2.0L Civic due to metal vacuum lines located above air intake tube that can contact and rub against the underside of the bar to the left of the brake brace tabs
  • FSTB will not fit on 10th gens with Password JDM carbon fiber engine or battery cover due to covers being in the way

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the U.S.A
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “Performance Installs”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and iTunes

Installing Your Performance Front Strut Tower Bar

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty


Amazing fit and finish! Installation was very easy thanks to 27WON's detailed instructions. Steering feedback is noticeably more responsive than before. 100% would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a strut bar for their 10th gen Civics.
Just got this front strut bar today, easy install, great fitment. This is a must have for all Honda Civic 10th gen models. Clearance of the battery cables on the type R was prefect.
Bought this bar to replace the UltraRacing original spec I had, specifically for the brake booster stopper and the fact that the brake reservoir is accessible without needing to remove the bar. I’m honestly not expecting any difference in overall feel between the 2, as both are rigid 1 piece bars, the only type I would ever utilize on a vehicle and only thing I would recommend to others.

The looks of the bar are quite nice, not that I’m into form, function is more important overall, but I do have a feeling I’ll be getting this bar refinished in white eventually.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and are without a strut bar, look no further than what Vincent and his guys churned out here, but don’t forget the stopper as well, you’ll appreciate the better braking feel.
Well worth the money you can the front end more tight taking a corner looks really good too and very good quality
Looks very nice and fitment was spot on. Helps in under steering and feels more planted through out heavy driving. Don’t waste money on cheap strut bars, pay a little more and get a great product! Five stars for 27WON!
Was a fortunate one to get the opportunity to Beta test this bar For the last 15k miles and 4 AutoX events. 100% night and day difference over the traditional 3 piece bar I came from. Better handling, better stability, better steering inputs, all around superior in every category. Easy installation, 6 bolts is all you got to deal with. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in a functional strut bar as this is the best one on the market
I have been working with Vincent and the 27WON team from the start of my build a year ago in 2019. Every product I have purchased I have nothing but good things to say.

I was lucky enough to be a Beta Tester and I have to say that there is no surprise in the quality of the product. Fitment is ON POINT, the paint is amazing, quality welds, and clears the brake reservoir unlike some other bars. This is crucial for anyone that tracks their vehicle regularly as you will be flushing your brakes more often.

I also have the Tein EDFC setup on mine (Electronic Dampers) for my coil overs and the strut bars provide a proper location for me to mount them as well.

Feel free to check out my build on IG: THUSEEFC

Shout out to everyone at 27won for providing amazing products to the community! Waiting patiently for the W2 to drop.....
I have the honor to be the Beta tester for this bar and I can tell you that the fitment is perfect, I don't need to do anything adjustment to it. 6 bolts off, put on the bar, 6 bolts on, and done! No rubbing on the hood at all. I have driven 20k km with it and 1 track day. I can tell you that it is solid as hell compare to the 3 piece bar I had before, and steering response is a bit quicker then with the old bar I had. Looking forward to adding the brake fluid reservoir brace in the future as well.
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2016-2021 Honda Civic (all trims except NA 2.0L)
Left-hand drive fitment only, not yet confirmed for Right-hand drive