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2016+ Civic Sedan Rear Window Vents

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Not only can we go fast and stop fast but we can also look good doing it. Our 10th Gen Civics have some great body lines so let’s enhance them.

Inspired by this idea, the team at 27WON Performance has created a performance part for your Honda Civic that has Function and Form -- that unique look we all strive for in our build.

Through community collaboration on social media, forums like CivicX, and a downloadable PDF template that you submitted designs on; we created not one, but two unique Track Vents for the CivicX sedan.

Introducing the 27WON Signature and Rising Sun Track Vents


You may be wondering “How could 27WON REDEFINE something like a window vent?” Sometimes it's not the finished design where we REDEFINE. For the 27WON Track Vents it's HOW they were designed.

We created a downloadable PDF for you to create your own unique design…then we did the hard work of making two selected designs a reality.

The result are amazing. Dozens of you from the community took the time to get creative and help us create a performance part that you all can love.


In an effort to REDEFINE what a track vent can be, we threw away the circles. They are overdone and honestly just don’t look good on the 10th Generation Civics.

From community ideas and our own creative goals, we developed a 27WON Signature design that captures the natural curves and angles of the CivicX.


What’s the Point? In some sanctioned track events such as HPDE or AutoX, for example, the rear window must be 100% closed. The 27WON Track Vent allows you to have improved cabin ventilation while still abiding by the “100% Closed” rule.

Maybe you don’t track your Civic and that’s fine. The 27WON Window Vents look as good as they perform and are sure to set your build apart from the rest.


The window vent is constructed of UV resistant acrylic with a piano black finish paired with a custom design EPM rubber mold to secure the window vent to the OE window.

We thoroughly tested these on our 2018 Civic SI Sedan on the street and the track.


If the 27WON Signature Design isn’t your taste than surely our seasonal design will fit your build. Big thanks to @anandbhvt.fk7 for submitting his design of the Rising Sun pattern.

Our seasonal design The Rising Sun is a limited edition. Available while supplies last so don’t hesitate!.


Community creating performance

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and made in the Pacfic Northwest
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “Performance Installs”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes
  • For support: >>CLICK TO CONTACT US<<

Installing Your Rear Window Vents

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty


I received my batch of window vents, and wow am i blown away with the quality of the material! Such a beautiful addition to my 17 Si. Installation was a breeze with the help of the digital guide 27won provides. 100% recommend.
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2016+ Civic Sedan Only
Will not fit coupe or hatchback models