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2017+ Civic Hatchback Sport Front-Pipe Back Exhaust

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*ETA TO SHIP ORDERS PLACED AFTER 12-31-20 is 2-28-21*

Honda did a great job silencing your turbocharged 1.5L… almost too good.

At 27WON we know what you want, what your desire… an exhaust that makes a statement; and that’s exactly what we have for you. Get the details below and dare to redefine.

When we say we REDEFINE the Aftermarket, this is what we mean: The most unique performance exhaust for the Honda Civic Hatchback Sport. The 27WON design is about performance and innovation without compromise. Our unique design combines three resonator styles to create an exhaust system that growls in the curves and strip, but purrs on the drive to work and long road trips.


The single resonator features two design styles inside. An absorption resonator and expansion chamber resonator. These act to remove high and low frequencies and allow the exhaust gases to pass straight through.

The curved pipes adjacent have very specific jobs: to cancel unwanted drone at specific engine RPM ranges. The two pipes each affect a specific RPM range; ~3000rpm and ~4200rpm. We discovered these two areas had excessive drone that we wanted to cancel out. The side-branch resonators do not affect power or peak noise output, they only cancel specific unwanted frequencies that create awful in-cabin drone.


Every 27WON Exhaust System is crafted from T304 Stainless Steel tubing that is CNC mandrel bent and precision TIG welded for a long lasting and durable performance part.


We understand that poor fitment and installation is frustrating, that’s why we have designed the 27WON Exhaust System to fit and install without issue AND does not require the modification of any OEM parts.

Specifically designed step nuts were developed for the connection to the front-pipe so you DO NOT have to hammer out the OE studs for installation.


There are absolutely no compromises with the 27WON Performance Exhaust, not even the hardware and accessories. Every exhaust system comes with full stainless steel hardware and multi-layer stainless steel gaskets.


Dual 4 inch tips with a 10 degree slant cut and a double walled design top of the 27WON Exhaust System. The high gloss polish finish and unique laser engraved badges make a clear statement; this is the best you can get for your Honda.


Increased flow is always the key to enhancing the performance of your engine. We increased the exhaust piping diameter from 2inch up to 2.5inch to decrease overall back-pressure and maximize exhaust flow and power. This results in 58% increase in cross-sectional area to support future power modifications and increase noise output.


All 27WON Exhaust systems feature robust 7/16” thick 3-bolt flanges for superior sealing and perfect alignment during installation. Unlike band-clamps or traditional 2 bolt horizontal flanges, the 27WON 3-bolt flanges will not leak over time. Paired with our custom in house designed multi-layer steel gaskets and you get a long lasting worry free system.



Dive in to Installation, Fitment, Style, and Performance.

Go in-depth on Power, including dyno readings and sound clip.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington in the Pacific Northwest
  • Fully personalized after purchase support on all 27WON products
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
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Installing Your Performance Front Pipe Back Exhaust System

Difficulty: 3/5

3/5 Difficulty




Absolutely Amazing Customer Service! I installed the exhaust myself with no problems. The fitment was perfect and the look and quality of the welds are amazing as well! Living in Hawaii is always a challenge when getting things shipped here but Vincent kept in touch on all shipping updates. Thanks again to the whole 27WON team! Can't wait for the next purchase!
Hey pal,
What an absolute WEAPON of a unit! Installed this morning and MAN the sound! I've gotten so many compliments on the the tone during idle and acceleration. The guys down at the warehouse were basically drooling over it, we even had guys from the office out helping the install. Beyond happy with the kit man, and can't wait to get some more stuff from you guys. 100% pure quality and craftsmanship. The guy who owns the shop, Andrew Dowling, posted a few pictures and tagged 27Won on Facebook, let me know if you can see it! If not i'll send you a few of my pictures I took.
You, and your team are a wicked group of guys!
Thanks man
Fantastic system and super high quality. I always get loads of compliments, sounds amazing. It's a little loud with the windows up, but you can hear every pop and gurgle which is just so much fun. Purchased this as a complete set with the front pipe and catted-DP add-ons. Installed entirely by myself in a driveway using hand tools, having never done exhaust work on a car before. This is the BEST exhaust on the market for the FK7, no doubt!
I’ve had this system installed for around 5k miles and I’m still as happy with it today as I was the day it was installed. Sounds great, makes a daily drive more fun and engaging. I haven’t noticed any annoying drone when highway cruising. It also gives the occasional burbles when decelerating at lower RPMs. It’s holding up very well, I’ve had no issues so far. Vincent has also displayed great customer service when it comes to updates, and checking in. Very please with what the guys at 27Won are doing.
Finally decided to purchase this exhaust system after a lot of research. This was the first product I've purchased from 27WON and all I can say is I am definitely pleased. We decided to install it ourselves which was made easy by the super detailed instructions. I later had a pro exhaust shop out here in LA check out the final install to make sure everything was good and the guys at the shop were loving the exhaust system. Received many compliments and was even told the price for this set-up is fair.

So far I am enjoying this system and definitely notice an improvement when compared to the OEM exhaust. Great product - definitely recommend to those on the fence with upgrading.
It is beyond perfect. It has a great sound, not to loud and obnoxious, and I can still have fun but enjoy it as well with the drone resonators. The shop that installed it for me has been doing it since '94 and said they have never seen a better engineered product to fit so perfectly, the gaskets, etc. That just made me even happier about my purchase. Thank you again!
Just wanted to say your product is AWESOME! Really love my new 27won turbo back exhaust (for my 2018 civic sport hatchback touring) !!! Even the mechanics that installed it were wowed when they opened the box, they were like damn the entire thing is stainless?? lol

Prior to this I had a catless downpipe and straight pipe exhaust. It sounds soooo much better now. It actually got a bit louder in lower RPMs and quieter at higher RPMs, but the actual sound it makes is soooo much better now. And no more catless exhaust smell ! :D

Thank you Vincent!!!
I am so impressed with this system. The construction and quality is astounding. The sound by itself is so worth it. But take away all the aesthetics of the beautiful stainless steel material, the free flow of this system allows the small 1.5 liter engine to breath during spirited acceleration but also decrease drone during idle and cruising speeds. Pair it with the 6-speed-manual the Sport Hatchback can come with and you'll find yourself with the makings of a "Lowercase 'Type-r'"
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2017+ Civic Hatchback Sport Touring AT
CEL can be illuminated when purchased with a downpipe