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W1 Trade Up FAQ

1. What is the W1 Trade Up Program?
The W1 Trade-Up program is an initiative created by 27WON to help make it easier for you to get a W2 turbocharger. You have the option to return your used and functioning W1 turbo for a refund on a previously purchased W2 or you can accept a store credit to apply to a future 27WON Purchase to get more value from your W1 trade-in.

2. Who is eligible for the Trade Up?
Any original owner of a W1 turbocharger that purchased it directly from 27WON. (2nd owners/bought used units not allowed)

3. How do I participate in the Trade Up?
When adding a W2 turbocharger to your cart you will be prompted to select if you wish to participate in the program. Select “Yes, I want to trade in my W1” if you intend to send us a W1 turbo.
  • i. Checkout will proceed like normal and you will be shipped a W2 turbocharger at full price.
  • ii. Inside your W2 package will be return instructions that you need to follow to send us back the W1.
  • iii. If you are a resident of the lower 48 states you will get a return label with your W2.
    iv. If you are not a resident of the contiguous 48 states you will be responsible for return shipping.

4. What do I get for my W1 Trade Up?
Upon a successful inspection of a qualifying W1 return you get two options.
i. A $500 USD refund via the method you paid for your W2.
ii. A $600 USD gift certificate (store credit) for a future purchase. This will be emailed to you in the form of a unique gift certificate code and can be applied towards any future 27WON brand product.

5. What deems a Qualifying unit? (aka what sort of condition can my W1 turbo be in?)
To be eligible for the program your W1 turbo:
i. Must be a 100% fully functioning unit. Damaged, broken, or leaking units will not be accepted for trade-in.
ii. Must come complete with compressor cover and turbine housing installed. Any disassembled turbo or any unit returned with signs of tampering will not be accepted for trade-in.
iii. Returned in plastic wrapping and W1/W2 box as shown in the return instructions. Any unit not returned as described will not be accepted for the trade-in.

6. Can I send my W1 unit in before I purchase a W2?
Yes, if you wish to send your W1 turbo unit first you may do so following the return instruction here. Please contact us first at 571-271-0271. Please be sure to include your contact information in your return so it can be identified.

7. How long once you receive my W1 can I expect a refund/credit?
Please allow 5-7 business days upon receipt for your refund/credit to be applied.

8. Can I send in multiple W1’s for stacked on credit?
No, only one W1 trade-in can qualify per customer.

9. What if I ignore question #5 and send in a broken or damaged W1 unit anyway?
In the event this happens you will not be eligible for any refund/credit and you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping the W1 back to you. We will be in contact with you should this happen. Note: If you believe you have a warranty concern with a W1 please fill out this warranty/ return form here.

10. Do I need to send back all of my hardware?
It is not required to send back any of the hardware but you may do so. Your W2 is supplied with 100% brand new hardware so be sure and use all the new hardware and do not reuse any of the W1 hardware.

11. I still have a question or comment not addressed in this FAQ. How do I get ahold of you guys?
Call us at 571-271-0271 or email us sales@27won.com. Our hours are Monday thru Thursday (9am to 5pm) and Friday (9am to 1pm) PST.

12. Do you guys have any other cool projects or parts in the works?
HELL YES!!!! Sign up for all the details here.