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2016+ Civic Turbo Performance Downpipe


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Performance turbocharged engines love a free flowing exhaust and intake system.

The 27WON Performance Downpipe for the 2016+ Honda Civic SI, Sedan, Coupe, and Hatchback provides a no compromise solution for power, style, and fitment.

CAD-designed cast stainless flanges with a Street-Catted option for a complete performance package. Check out the details and design below that went into the 27WON Performance Downpipe.


The inlet and outlet of the 27WON Performance downpipe are CAD designed for optimal flow, durability, and fitment. The market leading 3.125” downpipe inlet creates a large volume for the hot exhaust gases to escape, providing increased turbocharger efficiency and response.


Inlet and outlet flanges are manufactured from investment cast T304 stainless steel. Stainless steel piping and brackets are precision TIG welded for a long lasting and durable performance downpipe.


Precision TIG welding is utilized for the center section and the T304 SS heat shield brackets. The heat shield brackets are laser cut and formed with a multi-sided "foot" for a superior connection and durability.


Heat is the death of performance and durability. Designed to work with all the OEM heat shields our; down-pipe works best when paired with the benefits of our larger and more free flowing front-pipe. Purchase them together and save over $100.


The free flowing downpipe provides 7 wHP gains from 3200rpm to 5400rpm with no tuning changes. The 27WON Street-Catted setup provides great power gains. Throw some custom tuning at it and the downpipe really starts to shine.

  • OEM downpipe = green graph
  • 27WON Street-Catted downpipe = red graph


For street and race applications the 27WON downpipe can come equipped with a high-flow 200 cell density metallic foil catalytic converter.For-off road use only. CEL can be illumniated


Dive in to Fitment, Volume and Flow.

Scratch the surface of power gains.

Civic Hatchback Sport Exhaust System Evaluation:
Take a comprehensive look at the whole system, including the downpipe.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest
  • Bundle with our front-pipe and save $$$
  • Fully personalized after purchase support on all 27WON products
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
  • For support: >>CLICK TO CONTACT US<<

Installing Your Performance Downpipe

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty


Got the High Flow CAT and front pipe, In love with it! fitment was perfect! Car is noticeable louder paired with my aftermarket catback exhaust
Installed as a full system. I could immediately tell a difference in sound and flow resulting in a little more power and urgency. This is not an easy install but I’d you just go one step at a time and follow the wonderfully detailed instructions you’ll get it done.
I recently installed my 27WON Downpipe an I love it. My Civic SI feels and sounds way better also the installation was a simple a process thanks to the instructions provided.
Amazing!! Front the packaging to the design to the performance, just amazing. This paired with the front pipe completely changed the personality of my si. Highly recommend this product.
This is a very nice downpipe, fitment is spot on and had no issues with the install. Install instructions are very detailed. Need pics check on civicx forums. MeanGreenSi, lots of pics.
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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models
2017+ Honda CRV 1.5T equipped models
Works with optional factory engine block heater
For-off road use only. CEL can be illumniated
Including Sport and SI models