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2016-2021 Civic Turbo Performance Downpipe

2016-2021 Civic Turbo Performance Downpipe


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Performance turbocharged engines love a free flowing exhaust and intake system.

The 27WON Performance Downpipe for the 2016+ Honda Civic SI, Sedan, Coupe, and Hatchback provides a no compromise solution for power, style, and fitment.

CAD-designed cast stainless flanges with a Street-Catted option for a complete performance package. Check out the details and design below that went into the 27WON Performance Downpipe.

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The inlet and outlet of the 27WON Performance downpipe are CAD designed for optimal flow, durability, and fitment. The market leading 3.125” downpipe inlet creates a large volume for the hot exhaust gases to escape, providing increased turbocharger efficiency and response.

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Inlet and outlet flanges are manufactured from investment cast T304 stainless steel. Stainless steel piping and brackets are precision TIG welded for a long lasting and durable performance downpipe.

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Precision TIG welding is utilized for the center section and the T304 SS heat shield brackets. The heat shield brackets are laser cut and formed with a multi-sided "foot" for a superior connection and durability.

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Heat is the death of performance and durability. Designed to work with all the OEM heat shields our; down-pipe works best when paired with the benefits of our larger and more free flowing front-pipe. Purchase them together and save over $100.

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The free flowing downpipe provides 7 wHP gains from 3200rpm to 5400rpm with no tuning changes. The 27WON Street-Catted setup provides great power gains. Throw some custom tuning at it and the downpipe really starts to shine.

  • OEM downpipe = green graph
  • 27WON Street-Catted downpipe = red graph

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For street and race applications the 27WON downpipe will come equipped with a high-flow 200 cell density metallic foil catalytic converter.For-off road use only. CEL can be illuminated

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Dive in to Fitment, Volume and Flow.

Scratch the surface of power gains.

Civic Hatchback Sport Exhaust System Evaluation:
Take a comprehensive look at the whole system, including the downpipe.

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  • The lower heat shield fitment may be different outside North America. Some modification of heat shield may be required for proper fitment for models outside of U.S./Canada.

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest
  • Bundle with our front-pipe and save $$$
  • Fully personalized after purchase support on all 27WON products
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
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Installing Your Performance Downpipe

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty


Did a rest run pre and post install. One one "balls to the walls" one "economy mode". Post install performed better in both categories.
One of the studs broke while installing which I was prepared for. Machine shop said the will take a look
I bought the catted version and Front Pipe. Just Installed it last week in my non sport hatchback, installation was smooth. Started the engine, it sounds barely loud compared to stock DP because I'm still using stock exhaust. One more thing, it doesn't pop CEL. I hope it stays like that. Now, my FBO mod has completed with products from 27Won.
Amazing products! I installed the front pipe, downpipe, and intercooler at the same time. Most certainly not a simple install but the directions were detailed and easy to follow. I could immediately tell a difference in sound, more power and response. Highly recommend these products.
Solidly constructed DP & FP. You'll definitely get more sound out of your stock exhaust after these are installed, butt dyno tells me it has more hp. You'll most likely get a CEL from this due to the O2 sensor reading much slower than before. The sizes of the stock cat vs this one is a 2 liter vs a 16oz Rockstar. You may or may not have to break in this cat. Vincent didn't have it listed as needing it, but I did it anyways it's easy to do and takes a couple minutes. If you've got a tune then you won't have the CEL and you're car will wake up even more than without this DP/FP. My car is a 2017 and has never been worked on like this, take it slowly if you do it yourself, have a can of PB Blaster on hand to soak the bolts multiple times. The TIP doesn't have to be removed, but it will help. The bolts/nuts on the turbo to DP will need a soak of PB, mine needed PB 5 times and lots of taps before breaking a socket and finally breaking loose. I'm not gonna say how long it took me on this one, but breaking bolts loose and removing the under panel to get to the bolts was the biggest challenge. I had five years of heat soak on the turbo to DP to get through and a thick layer of rust on the DP to FP to exhaust to get through. Good luck and if you have a bolt that won't let loose soak it with PB again, tap it with the socket and try loosening it again after several minutes.
I got the catted downpipe and front pipe combo. Vlad from customer service was awesome. Kept me informed every step of the way and then followed up to check on me after. I was waiting for a Si/Cr-V turbo to install all of it at once. The instructions are so helpful and everything fit like a glove. You can tell the quality and attention to detail. Running this on an OEM exhaust (FK7) and it's barely louder, but sounds great. Install was straight forward with the Cr-V turbo. Hard to say the difference because I swapped turbo simultaneously, but car feels and sounds great now. Impressed with 27Won and trying to figure out what to buy next from them. Thank you 27Won!
Initially purchased the catback for the Si Coupe and then made the jump for the front pipe and downpipe. The downpipe definitely adds a bit more sound, but zero drone. Fitment was perfect as with all the 27won products. Nice performance gain, especially when paired with the W1 turbo.
I can't stress enough how amazing this product is! Right away on a comparison to oem you can tell 27won focused not only on performance but quality. Install was real easy following the step by step install instructions. Pairing this with the W2, intake, race maf, and turbo inlet my CivicX launches on demand no questions asked. I highly recommend this product if you want to maximize your performance!
I installed the turbo inlet pipe a month prior to installing the down pipe. I was able to install the down pipe without removing the inlet pipe by taking out the bottom. I couldn’t be happier with this DP. It was the last piece of my intake and exhaust upgrades and it honestly woke this car right up. High quality part to e expected from 27WON.
I did the front pipe and down pipe at the same time. Not that simple of an install but the directions on the app help big time. I sat with an iPad next to me during the install and did this in my garage with simple tools. Fitment was great and noticeable hp gains after first drive. Quality pieces from the flanges to the finishes. Do yourself a favor and just order the fp dp combo and thank me later.
Got the High Flow CAT and front pipe, In love with it! fitment was perfect! Car is noticeable louder paired with my aftermarket catback exhaust
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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models
2017+ Honda CRV 1.5T equipped models
Works with optional factory engine block heater
For-off road use only. CEL can be illuminated
Including Sport and SI models