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2022+ Civic/2023+ Integra Turbo Performance Downpipe 1.5T

2022+ Civic/2023+ Integra Turbo Performance Downpipe 1.5T


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*For Off-Road Use Only*

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One of the best ways to gain performance out of an OEM turbocharged vehicle is to upgrade the exhaust system with larger and more free flowing components.

Our 27WON 80mm Catted Performance Downpipe is a simple bolt on solution to help reduce back-pressure and increase both turbo spool and horsepower gains on your 1.5L turbo 11th Gen Civic or 5th Gen Integra.

T-304 cast stainless flanges and a 200 cell converter are just some of the key aspects that make this the only downpipe you will want to consider for your 2022+ Civic EX, Touring, Si, or Integra. Check out all the details below that went into the 27WON Performance Downpipe.

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The inlet and outlet of the 27WON Performance downpipe are CAD designed for optimal flow, durability, and fitment. The industry leading 80mm bellmouth opening creates a large volume area for hot exhaust gases to escape quickly, providing increased turbocharger efficiency and response.

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All downpipes are TIG welded using the latest welding techniques to ensure a trouble free system that won't leak and will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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Both ends of our downpipe use cast T304 Stainless Steel to allow us to create the shape we want. Our large and smooth openings give the ability to move lots of air to help back-pressure and improve overall performance.

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Bundle our high-flow catted downpipe with our performance front pipe and save. You can purchase them separately, but best to save the $$$ and only do the job once. No one likes crawling under the car more than necessary so go get your full set today.

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  • For Off-road use only, not intended to be driven on a public highway
  • CEL will be illuminated
  • Lower support brackets must be used during installation

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Keeping heat inside your exhaust pipes and away from other engine sensors and components is important for both your safety and that of the car. That is why our downpipe includes the provisions needed to reuse both OEM heat shields that come factory on your car. By keeping the heat shields we make sure max exhaust energy flows through your downpipe and not around it.

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A common mistake with other aftermarket companies is they ignore and omit some of the key pieces of hardware that hold your stock components in their place. The OEM downpipe on your L15 Civic utilizes a pair of brackets to help support the weight of the downpipe from the bottom and keep it from taking on extra loads from the rest of your exhaust.

Not using these brackets will lead to downpipe failure, probably by splitting at a weld. To make sure that does not happen we include a brand new pair of stainless steel brackets.

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The 27WON Performance Downpipe simply makes POWER! In the graph above are the gains you will see when you install our 200 cell catted downpipe. Peak gains of 13wtq and 12hp over the OEM catted downpipe and this is with no tuning changes. Just a straight drop in. What's even better is we pick up power over the entire RPM powerband. Over several runs of back-to-back testing, we averaged ~9wtq and 8whp everywhere under the curve from 2000rpm all the way to 6500 rpm.

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The 27WON downpipe comes equipped with a high-flow 200 cell metallic foil catalytic converter. This helps keep away any unwanted smells and cleans the exhaust gases exiting the vehicle.

This item is intended for Off-Road use only vehicles not intended to be driven on a public highway

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Dive in to OEM design.

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Installing Your Performance Downpipe

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty


Definitely one of my favorite upgrades ive done so far Have this paired with front pipe and i love the sound
The car feels way better with this thing ! And it sounds amazing even with the factory exhaust! Highly recommend!
Well done, 27WON. Super fast shipping. I'm overseas due to the Military, and it took less than a week—excellent customer service and excellent step-by-step instructions. Car sounds fantastic, and the gains are noticeable. I can't wait to buy more stuff from you guys.

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2022+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models
2023+ Acura Integra
Works with optional factory engine block heater
For-off road use only. CEL can be illuminated
Can purchase by itself or with front pipe combo and save $$$