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2012-2021 Honda Civic/Accord Big Brake Kit

2012-2021 Honda Civic/Accord Big Brake Kit


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OEM wheels require a spacer for proper fitment of the 27WON BBK. See advisory below.
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With increased power comes great speed, and with great speed you need to STOP faster. If you’ve pushed the OE brakes found on your Civic Si, Sport, EX, LX or Honda Accord; then you quickly learned that the OE brakes are not up for the challenge.

At 27WON Performance we found the OE brakes to be a real issue and decided to develop our own Big Brake Kit for the 2016+ Honda Civic community. This kit we found also works great on the 2018+ Honda Accord as well as the 9th Generation 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si.

The 27WON BBK combines forged calipers, two-piece rotors, billet steel brackets, stainless steel braided brake lines, and the hardware necessary for install into a complete package that is tested and proven on the track and the daily commute.

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The braking system functions by converting rotational energy into thermal energy and is located on the un-sprung portion of the vehicle; therefore, braking performance is defined by heat dissipation, braking force, and weight. The 27WON Big Brake Kit was designed with these factors in mind to provide you with a complete BBK that outperforms the OE braking system, is durable & reliable, and looks great on your 9th or 10th Gen Civic.

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The forged calipers are coated in a durable and heat resistant hydraulic paint finish for long lasting vibrant color.

Currently offered in three color options:

  • Redline Red
  • Stealth Black
  • Signature Orange

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The 27WON BBK utilizes a forged aluminum body with a stainless steel staggered 4-piston design to optimize the overall braking performance. Aluminum forgings are used for their superior weight to strength ratio to reduce overall un-sprung mass and reduce caliper flexing during aggressive braking.

This staggered stainless pistons are designed to provide even pad wear.

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The braking system functions by converting rotational energy (wheels rotating) into thermal energy (heat); controlling where the waste thermal energy goes is key to the peak performance and endurance of the braking system.

To reduce the rate of excess heat transfer into the brake fluid (reduced risk to boil fluid), stainless steel pistons are used vs the standard aluminum pistons due to stainless steel’s low thermal conductivity. By reducing the amount of heat transferred into the brake fluid, the 27WON BBK is able to perform far better and for a longer period of time vs the OE braking system.

  • The 27WON BBK is designed to be used with 17" inch or larger diameter wheels.
  • OE wheels will require the use of a wheel spacer for fitment over the 27WON BBK. Please use the Wheel Fitment Guide to determine how thick of a spacer is required.
  • Some aftermarket wheels will require the use of a wheel spacer for fitment over the 27WON BBK. Please use the Wheel Fitment Guide to determine how thick of a spacer is required.
  • Supplied "blue sport pads" are intended for spirited street use. Track use will require race specific pads.
  • 24mm is the minimum rotor thickness before replacement is required. These rotors can be turned down on a lathe not to pass min 24mm. Replacement rotors and rotor rings are available. Call to order 571-271-0271
  • Wheel Spacer Blog: How to Get the Right Wheel Spacers for Your Civic BBK

Be sure to click, download, and confirm the wheel fitment guide to ensure a smooth and trouble-free install of your new BBK

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The 27WON brake rotors use 2-piece construction to reduce the overall weight of the braking system, The rotor hat (center piece) is manufactured from aluminum and finished with a black protective coating. The rotor rings are where the major performance benefits come into play.

The 27WON BBK rotor rings increase the diameter to 13in (330mm) & thickness to 1.10in (28mm); this increase in overall size increases the total thermal capacity of the braking system and the braking force that can be applied to the vehicle.

Further improving the thermal capacity and cooling, the rotors feature directional internal vanes for more efficient cooling and rotor face slots to sweep away debris and brake pad gases that can build up during aggressive stopping.

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No Big Brake Kit is complete without Stainless Steel Brake Lines, which is why 27WON includes DOT approved brake lines with every BBK. The included SS braided lines replace the OEM rubber lines to improve braking response and pedal feel and are designed to fit like OE.

To further complete the BBK, all necessary installation hardware and brackets are included. Billet steel black zinc brackets and class 12.9 hardware are also in every kit for a seamless install.

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Despite the increased overall size and improved performance, the 27WON BBK weighs 6 lbs LESS (9.3% less) vs the 10th Gen Si OE braking system.

  • SI OE caliper per corner = 15.24lbs
  • SI OE rotor per corner = 17.08lbs
  • SI complete braking system = 64.64lbs
  • 27WON caliper per corner = 11.84lbs
  • 27WON rotor per corner = 17.48lbs
  • 27WON complete braking system = 58.64lbs

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The BRAKEDOWN, read up on the kit and learn how we went the extra step to get you a kit for your CivicX.
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How to Get the Right Wheel Spacers for Your Civic Big Brake Kit.
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We made installing our big brake kit easier for your 2012 - 2021 Civic. Click the link below to read and download our wheel fitment guide. Make sure you check wheel clearance ahead of time. You need to have the right size wheels/spacers to have a trouble-free install.
• Download wheel fitment guide here >>>***WHEEL FITMENT GUIDE***<<<

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Installing Your Big Brake Kit

Difficulty: 3/5

3/5 Difficulty




Great kit!!

Stealth black looks amazing on my 10th gen accord.

Great quality and customer service.
To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. I wasn’t expecting this much stopping power from 4 pistons and 13in rotors. The build quality is top notch and the packaging was magnificent. Got these for my 10th gen accord and I couldn’t be happier.
Really well engineered kit fit perfectly made an easy upgrade.
I love the BBK, 100%!

The vehicle stops better than ever. I definitely feel more comfortable stopping after high Acceleration. 
Install was simple and super easy to understand.
Best company I’ve ever bought from! They really care about their customers and will do anything they can to help with any problems you may run into. Though you probably won’t have any problems because the kit works so well and the instructions are so detailed. Definitely worth it!
This big brake kit is amazing. Immediately can tell the difference and they look great. I have them installed on my 2020 accord sport 2.0T
I went with the signature orange. Overall amazing system.
This kits is amazing. It is visually stunning and very high quality. The orange goes great with my blue Si. I like that it came as a complete kit even including a touch up pen!
Fantastic brake kit, they have saved my butt a few times since being installed several thousand miles ago lol

Very high quality product, very good packaging, and very good service if you happen to have any questions.
One of the OE calipers failed on my 2018 Civic Si on track due to excessive heat and in between heat cycles the piston froze in place. Replaced with 27WON's solution and the pedal feel is solid lap after lap, and braking from over 115mph over and over again with no fade or change in pedal feel. Can't recommend these brakes enough!
I have now installed the Big Brake Kit on my 2018 RS turbo Hatch. I am more than pleased with the performance on & off the track.
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2016-2021 Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models including Si
2016-2021 Honda Civic 2.0L
2018+ Honda Accord 1.5T and 2.0T
2012-2015 Honda Civic Si

Brake Pad Cross Reference -The following brake pads series may operate with the 27WON 330mm BBK. Our unique design allows you the freedom to choose the best pad compound that works for you.

  • Hawk – HB110.654
  • Brembo – B52, 17mm Thick
  • AP Racing – AP5200 & CP3215
  • Carbotech – CTCP2279
  • G-Loc – GPX6