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2016+ Civic Turbocharger Upgrade - W2

2016+ Civic Turbocharger Upgrade - W2

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Add to Calendar 1/19/2021 09:00 AM 1/19/2021 5:00 PM America/Los_Angeles Orders for the W2 Turbocharger is now open! Click the link below to Order your W2 drop in Turbocharger. These turbo kit are set to start shipping 1/26/21 or shortly after. MSRP of the unit is $1692.71 USD. https://store.27won.com/honda-civic-turbocharger-kit-drop-in-w2.html 27WON Performance


MSRP $1692.71
1-19-21 Pre-order date

The sequel to the most successful and powerful drop-in turbo kit upgrade for the 10th generation Honda Civic is upon us.

The W2 turbocharger takes the performance of the W1 turbo system and brings it to another level. Capable of hitting power figures over 375+WHP and beyond, the W2 is a turbo you can grow with. Whether it's bolted onto a stock block or a freshly built engine with beefed-up internals you can have the confidence that the W2 turbo kit will give you the performance you need.

Be sure and click the "ADD TO CALENDAR" button above to save the date so you can order a W2 turbocharger for yourself. Check out the video below and prepare to REDEFINE the Aftermarket....again


The W2 Turbocharger takes everything we love and learned from the W1 and kicks it up a notch. It's capable of delivering over more than 40 extra horsepower and 30 extra feet pound of torque over a W1. The W2 is an upgrade for those who are ready for the next level in performance.

A 6x6 billet compressor wheel and 9-blade turbine wheel make up the heart and soul of the CHRA. Check out the blog part 4 below for more details.


The MHI center section of the W2 is fitted with a high-performance bearing system. Our kit utilizes both larger and thicker journal bearings to support the shaft in the radial load direction and has a full face 360 deg. performance thrust bearing. These pieces are beefed up to take the increased load that comes with increased power output.

For those looking to take the power and performance up even more a ball bearing version of the W2 is in the works and will be available in the spring of 2021, for around $300 more.


PART 1: Discover the goals of the W2: Our Goals - Design Pt. 1

PART 2: Why Size Matters: Turbine Housing Selection - Design Pt. 2

PART 3: Beefed up Internals: Compressor Cover & CHRA - Design Pt. 3

PART 4: Learn why we used the wheels we did: Wheel Design - Pt. 4

PART 5: Horsepower and Torque Numbers: Power Blog - Design Pt. 5


The Key to the performance of the W2 lies in our newly designed turbine housing. We increased the A/R size from 0.50 to 0.65. What this effectively does is make the back half of the turbo capable of flowing more exhaust gases for more power. Read our design blog part 2 below for more details about why we chose this A/R.

Not only did we up the size of our turbine housing but we also made our center housing and rotating assembly (CHRA) and compressor cover larger for increased durability when we turn up the boost. Dive into design blog part 3 below for the inside scoop.


The W2 is a 100% drop in unit just like the W1. This was a must for this new turbo upgrade. Look into our design blog part 1 and see what other must haves we had for the W2.

  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% brand new unit, NO CORE CHARGE
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “Performance Installs”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes

Installing Your W2 drop-in Turbo Kit

5 Hour Install Time

5 hour Install Time

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty




All 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models including SI, RS, and International versions
No core charge required
Can work with any combination of intake, downpipe, intercooler, and inlet pipe