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2016+ Civic Turbocharger Upgrade - W2

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Add to Calendar 12/28/2021 08:00 AM 12/28/2021 05:00 PM America/Los_Angeles 27WON W2 Turbocharger Orders now open!!! The best turbo upgrade for the CivicX of 2021 is open up for pre-orders again. Choose between our journal-bearing unit or our all-new ball-bearing CHRA. Regardless of what you pick you'll be getting a huge upgrade in power. Follow the link to pre-order your turbo today.

→ https://store.27won.com/honda-civic-turbocharger-kit-drop-in-w2.html
**Ball bearing units will ship January 2022**<<
27WON Performance

The sequel to the most successful and powerful drop-in turbo kit upgrade for the 10th generation Honda Civic is here.

The W2 turbocharger takes the proven performance of the W1 turbocharger system and brings it to another level. The W2 is capable of hitting power figures over 375+WHP and beyond. This is a turbo you can grow with. Whether it's bolted onto a stock block or a freshly built engine with beefed-up internals you can have the confidence that the W2 turbo kit will give you the performance you want and need.

After years of testing and pushing the W1 to it's limits this is the next level; the W2 is a 100% brand new-drop in unit. A larger center housing & rotating assembly (CHRA), a 9-blade turbine wheel, a beefed up housing & cover, and more are the key principles of this unit.

Dig into all the details below and learn what makes the W2 the new standard in CivicX Performance.

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The architecture of the W2 turbo is all new. Designed from the ground up, the W2 is a true blank slate design. We took everything we learned from the W1 and applied to create a new turbo that truly does REDEFINE.

A larger CHRA, uniquely designed compressor cover, more robust turbine housing, and the capability of 400+ wheel horsepower make the drop-in W2 as unique as the owner.

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At the heart of the W2 turbo is our custom Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) style center section. For this turbo we wanted quick spool characteristics despite larger housings and we wanted to increase durability. We did this by taking aspects of both a TD04 and TD05 style CHRA.

The W2 retains the same wheel dimensions as the W1 but is now fitted to a larger shaft and journal bearing system. This allows the W2 to take increased boost pressure and flow. Along with a larger water jacket and a larger full-face thrust bearing the W2 is ready to take on the power.

For those looking to take the power and performance up even more a ball bearing version of the W2 is in the works and will be available in winter of 2021, for around $300 more.

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Just like everything we make, this turbo plays well with stock and most aftermarket components. The W2 is a 100% drop in turbo just like the W1. It is designed to work within the OEM constraints and the install is fully reversible should the need arise.

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The larger turbocharger does create some space constraints. The OEM turbine heat shield cannot be used due to the increased turbine housing size. The heat shield is important and needs to be retained to keep other things from getting too hot.

Since you can't use the OEM one, we include a new one. It's formed from 16ga 304 SS and finished off with a laser-cut "W" logo so others know what you are rocking the best under your hood. This shield is a straight bolt on to the W2.

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Ready to make more power but don't want to go through the hassle of trying to sell your used W1 on Craigslist? Introducing our W1 Trade Up Program. We are making it as easy as can be to upgrade from a W1 turbo to a W2 unit.

For a limited time, we will be taking your used W1 back and giving you up to $600. You can take your credit in the form of gift certificate that you can use for future shopping with us or if you prefer we'll give you a $500 refund toward the purchase of your W2. At checkout select "Yes, I want to Trade In my W1". If you live in the lower 48, we will include a shipping label with your new W2 to send us back your W1. Once everything checks out, you will get your credit. Don't worry if you live outside of the lower 48 states, you can still trade-in but you will be responsible for the return shipping of the W1. It's also possible to send in your W1 before you get the W2 and we'll apply the credit towards the purchase of your W2 on the spot.

******CLICK HERE***** for the fine print for the W1 Trade Up Program.

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PART 1: Discover our goals for the W2: Our Goals - Design Pt. 1

PART 2: Why size matters: Turbine Housing Selection - Design Pt. 2

PART 3: Beefed up internals: Compressor Cover & CHRA - Design Pt. 3

PART 4: Wheels selection: Wheel Selection - Design Pt. 4

PART 5: Horsepower and torque numbers: Power Blog - Design Pt. 5

A/R housings sub headline banner

The key to making more power from the W2 was to go big in certain places. One of the key areas that we went larger is in our cast stainless steel turbine housing. We changed the size of the scroll from a 0.50 A/R as found in an OEM turbo and bumped it up to a 0.65 A/R ratio.

Think of a larger A/R has drinking from a larger straw. By adding size here we can physically flow more exhaust gas and that helps our turbo make more power. Basically, you can take more drink in every sip. A larger turbine housing also decreases back-pressure in our exhaust system which helps the gases get out quicker and helps increase horsepower output as well.

turbine wheel sub headline banner

A 9-blade turbine wheel was chosen to help reduce rotational mass from that of an 11-blade unit. Clocking in at 61% larger than stock, this wheel allows for increased overall engine efficiency and is able to carry more power to redline. This specific blade count also helps keep back-pressure low in the housing compared to an 11-blade one.

pump gas power sub headline banner

An obvious goal of the W2 was to raise the horsepower and torque limits above what the W1 could make. The W2 can make more than +45 WHP and +25 FT-LB of torque over the already impressive gains from the W1. Peak torque is found around 4000-4500 rpm depending on tuning and the W2 carries both more power and TQ to redline.

Looking at just one example (the graph above) you can see that everywhere after ~3900 RPM the W2 makes the extra sauce over the W1. This turbo will be best suited for those running full bolt-ons. Even more power can be had with ethanol fueling and a built engine block.

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The compressor wheel utilizes a 6x6 CNC machined piece crafted from forged aluminum. Our wheel is over 59% larger than OEM and utilizes extended tip technology and increased blade height that help improve the amount of air the unit can ingest. Forged aluminum was used for its strength at speed.

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Brand new studs, gaskets, nuts, and lines are included with every turbo so you won't have to run to the hardware store. Pair this with our Dozuki app for some mobile installation instructions and you’ll be calling yourself an expert turbo installer in no time.

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service and support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% brand new unit, NO CORE CHARGE
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “Performance Installs”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and iTunes

Installing Your W2 drop-in Turbo Kit

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty




Absolutely LOVE it! Just got my custom tune from Derek Robinson - and it’s stupendous. Not as quick off the line, but when you hit that sweet spot at around 4600… look out! I can’t believe how it throws you back in a FOUR CYLINDER! I got 308 whp and 292wtq on pump 93. I can’t say enough good tho gs about it!
This is a must buy for anyone with a 1.5. Everything was perfect from the order all the way to the packaging and then installation was a breeze. I’m fbo with this w2 on e30 I’m running 340whp at 28psi.
Man! I dont know what to say so far. this is the best modification ive got in my car. This thing is an extraordinary upgrade if yall looking for turbo upgrade. I will leave it here! this is the one. Thanks 27won!
Best drop-in turbo option for the 10th gen platform hands down. If your goal is to reach that 300+whp mark, then this will definitely help you get there. I was able to gain almost 100whp and with the addition of the W2 and an E30 blend, I've joined the mid-300 club. 1000 miles later after the install, and she's still running like a charm! No regrets with this choice at all. Thank you Vincent and the 27Won team for this great turbo! :)
Now that I’ve had the all new W2 turbo installed for a few months I can write a proper review. This turbo is AMAZING. I’m tuned on an ethanol blend (E40) and this turbo loves boost! Made around 350hp on flex fuel with supporting mods of course. Upgrading from the W1 allows for significantly more room to make power and the ability to grow with the car depending on your goals. If you’re on the fence about this turbo LOOK NO FURTHER. Thank you Vincent for all the R&D on this new turbo, the quality shows and I am looking forward to pushing the limits on this platform and really see the full potential of what a “DROP IN” turbo can do!! Love all your products, the quality is astounding.
I have read and researched extensively about upgrades for GenX turbos. The W1 & W2 specially have the most excellent qualities and built ???????? from all the others (competition). The fact that 27Won not only goes above and beyond the range of different testing, research, studies, and other developments it says a lot about a great company. Unfortunately I missed the first batch of the W2. Can't wait for the next batch to come along! Thanks for all your great work 27won and team!
Best drop in turbo I could’ve imagined. The spool is loud and definitely breaks necks. Overall this turbo is awesome and produces some power that no one would expect.????????????
I like how 27Won got this policy where you can trade up your W1 to their new and beefed up W2 turbo. They really care about your upgrades! W1 is enough for me at the moment due to other builds but if I have never purchased W1, I will gladly buy W2!
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All 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models including SI, RS, and International versions
Can fit 1.5T CVT Civic and 5th gen CRV but not suggested due to maximum torque limits of CVT transmission
No core charge required
Can work with any combination of intake, downpipe, intercooler, and inlet pipe