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2017+ Civic Type R/Integra Type S Hondata Fuel System Upgrade

2017+ Civic Type R/Integra Type S Hondata Fuel System Upgrade

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Raise the ceiling on the amount of horsepower and torque your 2017+ Civic Type R or brand new 2023+ Integra Type S can make by upgrading your fuel delivery.

The Hondata Fuel System upgrade is a complete all-in-one package designed to give you the hardware you need for a 24% increase in fuel volume over the OEM system. Created with the end-user in mind, this fuel kit is the total package for those looking to get more power out of the FK8/FL5/DE5 platform. From an upgraded low-pressure in-tank fuel pump to a larger high-pressure direct injection fuel pump, this kit has it all. Best of all, it's completely plug-and-play.

Check out the details below to see how you can gain over 90lb-ft of torque and 55+ horsepower with this kit and some simple Hondata tuning.

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When you're ready to make more power with your Honda Civic Type R or Integra Type S, look no further than this Hondata fuel system upgrade. This fuel kit comes with 4 high flow fuel injectors designed to provide 20% more fuel flow over the stock injectors. When Honda designed the Civic Type R, they left very little room to increasing power. These higher flowing injectors allow you to get more HP + TQ from your setup.

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The choice is yours. Grab a complete Civic Type R fuel system which includes both upgraded in-tank and high-pressure (HPFP) fuel pumps which are approved for ethanol or as a base kit minus the low pressure in tank pump if you're not looking to push past 500WHP.

  • The in-tank fuel pump is rated to flow 205 l/h compared to the stock OEM unit at 150l/h. This is a 37% increase in flow!
  • Hondata's supplied HPFP is designed to support the increased fuel pressure needed to go up to 550HP with minimal fuel pressure drops

Combined, these two upgraded pumps will get you the fuel supply needed to bump up your cars HP + TQ.

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  • 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
  • 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)
  • 2023+ Acura Integra Type S (DE5)

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Hondata includes all new high and low-pressure fuel lines. Designed specifically for their in-tank and high pressure fuel pumps, these lines support maximum horsepower and torque while maintaining OEM like reliability.

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To run this fuel system upgrade you'll also need a Hondata FlashPro.

  • Multiple calibrations are available starting with an increase of 90 lb.-ft. torque and 57 hp over stock (with upgraded intercooler and high flow cat)
  • You can also choose from 4 different Hondata basemaps to get started including 91, 93 and Flex fuel maps
  • Want to make even bigger power? Go for a custom tune with this setup and you'll have all the means up to 550HP with supporting mods.

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  • Hondata FlashPro is required
  • Hondata basemap tunes (available from Hondata) or custom tune maps are required for install
  • Professional installation is recommended
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Installing Your Fuel System Upgrade

Difficulty: 5/5

5/5 Difficulty




Software can be downloaded here: >> click here<<
2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)
2023+ Acura Integra Type S (DE5)