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10th Gen Civic Cold Air Intake System


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10th Gen Honda Civic MAF Options for 1.5T
Requires Tune. See Advisory
Models outside of N.A. please select Base (non-SI)
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There’s no better feeling than showing up to the local meet, popping the hood, and showing off the new "go-fast" parts.

Add the satisfaction that those "go-fast" parts in your Honda Civics' engine bay are more than just eye-candy and you'll be loving your car all over again. Get the details below and dare to Redefine.

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Our unique airbox design pulls cool ambient air from the fender well just like a typical CAI system, but without all the negatives of locating the air filter in the fender well. No more worrying about hydro-locking or tedious filter maintenance.

27won airbox graphic

With the unique airbox design, accessing the air filter is a quick and easy process, because the air filter is now located up high in the engine bay just behind the black tint cover, Standard maintenance is now a simple task without the need to jack the car up and remove any fender liner to access the filter.

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There are no compromises with the 27WON Cold Air Intake, not even the hardware and accessories. All hardware, brackets and T-Bolt clamps are manufactured from stainless steel. Yes, we said T-Bolt clamps…no worm gear clamps here.

27won data plot log graphic
intake-air-tempature-graph-honda-civic-hathcback-2016 27WON Log
airbox-temps-for-2017-civic-hatchback-sport OEM Log

What's a Cold Air Box without the data to back it up? Here you see the intake air temperature measured at the MAF sensor for the OE intake system vs the 27WON Cold Air Intake System. Not only is there a difference of nearly 15 degrees F, but the 27WON CAI also increases to source cooler air as the vehicle speed increases.

27won advisory graphic
  • Installation of the 80mm RACE MAF will require scaling of the Mass Airflow tables. It is highly suggested you contact a local tuning professional to help you perform this function. Street MAF does not require tuning
  • A Hondata Flashpro, KTuner, or stanaldone ECU is required to perform MAF scaling. It cannot be performed on a stock non-flashed ECU
  • The 27WON 80mm race MAF is designed to work with the 27WON Hybrid CAI only
  • CVT users, note the tight tolerances between the airbox and CVT oil pressure sensor during install. The sensor will abut the airbox
  • Fitment of 27WON intake with a PRL FMIC kit will have slight contact on lower portion of airbox due to FMIC pipe routing. You can place some thick tape between 27WON airbox and the PRL cold pipe to mitigate the interference. Click here for a reference image

27won fitment graphic

We understand that poor fitment and installation is frustrating, that’s why we have designed the 27WON Intake System to fit and install without issue AND does not require the modification of any OEM parts. *Will not fit CVT cars equipped with aftermarket CVT fluid coolers installed*

27won MAF graphic

Make even more power with our optional 80mm Race MAF upgrade. Built with the same precision machining as our Street MAF, the larger Race version allows you to flow even more air in the pursit of more power. Learn more about why you could use this upgrade here.

***Note*** Tune is required to run Race MAF

27won air flow graphic

Smooth laminar flow is critical to get the most out of the stock size intake system. Seamless connections between the airbox, silicone, and MAF housing eliminate the abrupt edges that cause turbulence and inefficiencies in the intake system,

27won breathe easy graphic

Increased flow is always the key to enhancing the performance of your engine. The 27WON CAI takes in cool air from the fender well, filters it through a high flow non-oiled filter media, and through the seamless silicone and billet MAF for a system that’s designed to work together for the best performance.

bundle and save

You’ve asked, we’ve delivered. Bundle and save. For a limited time, when you add both a 27WON Intake and Turbo Inlet Pipe to your cart, you’ll save over $70.00 on your order. Discount taken at checkout.

Proven time and time again, pairing a 27WON Cold Air Intake with the largest Turbo Inlet Pipe on the market for the 1.5T L15 maximizes the gains you’ll see. We’ve seen as much as an additional 9HP when running a full suite of bolt ons and an upgraded turbocharger by adding this inlet pipe. Plus, have you seen how much better it looks compared to your stock flat pancake looking pipe?

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Dive in to Installation, Fitment, Style, and Performance. 27won click to learn more graphic

Go in-depth on Power and Function, including dyno readings.

Click here to learn how to maintain and clean your Air Filter. 27won button graphic

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest
  • Fully personalized after purchase support on all 27WON products
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and Discounted International Shipping
  • For support: >>CLICK TO CONTACT US<<
  • For instructions on how to clean and service your filter: >>CLICK TO WATCH OUR TECH VIDEO<<

Installing Your Performance Cold Air Intake System

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty




Works great and install was super easy, engine runs noticeably cooler and sounds awesome. Very happy with my purchase
Clean and neat looking inside the hood. I must say the quality is great and the sound also, cant wait to get more of their products.
Very good intake. Installed very easily. Paired with an aftermarket BOV and ktuner its a nice addition. One thing is after I installed...I noticed that the intake made a noise where it was hitting the lower opening that it goes into in the car. A little window seal foam around the lower part of the intake...was very quiet and good as new. Would definitely recommend
I must say, the intake fit my needs perfect and it seemed to be the only one that could!

When looking for an intake for my 2018 Honda Civic I really wanted to find something that would keep the car happy and give a little bit of character to the car. This intake fit the bill perfectly, the quality was amazing, the customer service was outstanding, the instructions were very detailed and the fit feels as it could have been sold from Honda themselves.

If you are like me and you are looking to add a little character to your car you cant go wrong with this intake! The turbo noise is subtle but loud enough to be heard, it is quite enjoyable!
Well Designed, looks and sounds good. What else is there to say!
Solid product, Vlad was awesome during the process. Will definitely be purchasing more products when available. Installation wasn't terrible but taking the skid tray out was not a great time haha
Installed this with the inlet pipe. Everything from packaging to parts is top notch. Reached out through email before my purchase and Vlad was very helpful. Took me a good 6 hours to install both. Will definitely be purchasing more from the 27won team. Whoooosh!
Looks great under the hood. Can hear turbo noises often. Slightly better air temperatures. Throttle response seems a tad better with TSP stage 1+. Install kind of sucked removing the undertray but not 27WON's fault. The instructions were decent, but when installing the airbox one step requires you to somehow put a bolt in like 12 inches down into a tight space, whereas installing that bolt first and then doing the rest was a lot easier. Overall, pretty satisfied.
Install was a tad bit more on the medium side for me but after a couple scratches and cuts...its wow, I'm amazed...okay it's not loud so don't expect to hear loud but....BUT....this CAI well worth it if your looking for that in-between...instant wake up for the engine you can just feel it more air...and I mean this 1.5 wakes up feels like a new ride and yess you still here the psssshhh...to me it's awesome. Well done 27won!
Works nicely! Easy install, no codes, and comes with subtle turbo noises. Good product for the money, no impressive gains on stock maf, but looks great under the hood.
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All 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models including Si
Specify model upon purchase to confirm correct MAF housing
*WILL FIT Canadian models with driver side windshield washer reservoir*
PRL FMIC kit can contact the lower part of the airbox (tight fitment)
*Will not fit CVT cars equipped with aftermarket CVT oil coolers or EU CVT models with cooler*