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2016-2021 Civic 1.5L Turbo Inlet Pipe

2016-2021 Civic 1.5L Turbo Inlet Pipe


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2016+ Civic 1.5L TIP Silicone Coupler
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One of the most talked-about and sought after performance parts for the 10th Generation Honda Civic is ready. The 27WON Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe is here and aims to take your Earth Dreams powered Civic to a completely new level of bolt-on performance.

Form and Function come together beautifully in our Turbo Inlet Pipe. A precision cast aluminum one-piece design adds a significant “aftermarket” look to your engine bay and provides a big performance increase with its huge 42% larger than OE design.

Combine the Turbo Inlet Pipe with our Hybrid Cold Air Intake system and W1 turbocharger upgrade for the biggest gains and a complete system that truly does REDEFINE the Aftermarket.

All pipes come finished in a durable black powdercoat to not only help resist heat but also provide a long-lasting and sleek look.

27won dare subheadline

27won design subheadline

This is how you REDEFINE the Aftermarket; Huge cross-sectional area increase, retention of all OEM controls, one-piece construction, and a visual boost that will be breaking necks at every show. *prototype pipe shown

27won unique attributes subheadline serail-number-on-honda-parts-better-than-spoon-performance

Each and every turbo inlet pipe is hand crafted by our production team. To reflect this, we serialize every unit that leaves our shop so that you know you are getting a one of a kind piece that is as unique as the driver that owns it.

more air flow subheadline

On an OEM Turbocharger setup the gains from the install of the 27WON Turbo Inlet Pipe (TIP) are small. This is because the factory equipped turbo is so tiny and undersized, it's the bigger flow restriction. Testing across multiple SI trim Civic's showed us an average net gain of 2.2hp and 3.4wtq. These numbers are slightly higher on Base trim models that come from the factory with a much smaller plastic turbo inlet pipe.

It was not until we equipped our CivicX with a W1 turbo drop-in upgrade that the TIP really started to shine in the performance category. The addition of our TIP (aka cross-over pipe) to the larger aftermarket turbo kit netted us over 17 g/s of flow which is huge for such a simple bolt-on part. With the addition of the TIP, we saw horsepower gains of around 9hp.
***Note*** While a tune is not required we recommend one for optimal performance.

pair with a race maf subheadline 27WON-race-maf-bigger-then-PRL

The 27WON Turbo Inlet Pipe works especially well with our 80mm RACE MAF intake for both Si and non-Si options. You can get a 3.14" sized MAF housing as an upgrade to your existing 27WON intake or buy it brand new with full intake systems. When you buy a full 27WON intake system, you'll save over $70.00 by bundling it together with this inlet pipe. Discount applied at checkout automatically.

Order Your Hybrid Cold Air Intake Here

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big gains subheadline

The 27WON Turbo Inlet Pipe increases the inside diameter to 76mm, a 42% increase in cross-sectional area. This drastically improves the efficiency of the intake system resulting in improved airflow through the turbocharger and releasing more power potential for your 1.5L engine.

cast aluminum construction subheadline

Due to the extremely complex nature of this part, our requirement to retain the OEM BPV, and our goal for a single-piece design the team here utilized cast aluminum construction for the turbo inlet pipe. This provides a lightweight and simple part for you while allowing for the design flexibility to hit our objectives. *prototype pipe shown

All pieces are manufactured from A356-T6 aluminum and post machined to a precision fit for both OEM, W1 and W2 style drop-in turbo upgrades.

***Note*** All design and testing was completed with an OEM bypass valve (BPV). We cannot guarantee the fitment of our TIP with any aftermarket BPV. Further, we do not recommend one for drive-ability and performance reasons.

hardware and gaskets subheadline 27WON-turbo-inlet-pipe-hardware-and-fittings-laid-out

We pushed the limits with our design and this required that we make changes to both the sealing surface to the compressor and the valve cover breather hose. Good news though, we’ve designed and included all the necessary components for a complete and seamless install.

Mounting studs, gasket, silicone valve cover breather hose, mounting bracket, silicone, and a new wiring harness shrink wrap are all included with the turbo inlet pipe.

power potential subheadline 27WON-turbo-upgrade-with-turbo-inlet-pipe

Our upgraded turbo inlet pipe pairs excellently with our W1 upgraded turbocharger kit. With optimized tuning we saw gains north of 13whp and 14wtq. This testing was performed on a 2018 Honda Civic SI with standard bolt on modifications on pump gas.

With increased flow and less restriction an upgraded T.I.P can help feed the turbo with fresh air and even give a louder induction noise for those looking to make a statement with this upgrade.

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The OEM tip is a pancake
From Idea to concept
3D prints and prototyping
The final countdown

27won service and support subheadline
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and machined in Vancouver, WA, in the greater PNW
  • Individual Serial Numbers for every single pipe
  • Full color digital installation instructions. Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes
  • Free shipping in the lower 48 states and discounted international shipping

Installing Your Upgraded Turbo Inlet Pipe

Difficulty: 3/5

3/5 Difficulty




Man what can I say, the turbo inlet pipe is amazing, it looks so aggressive and the way the turbo sounds.... can’t wait to pair it with the 27WON turbo and CAI, thanks guys you guys are doing great...... 27WON keep redefining!!!!!
I waited for too long for this but it’s worth it!!! I feel more response in my Turbo due to better airflow + with the help of 27WONCAI. That's why 27won is REDEFINE. BEST QUALITY & DESIGN + Well engineered products.

From toronto
Great product and performance love it
You like turbo noises? Buy this. You like when your turbo is happy and can breathe? Buy this. You want that spool just a little faster? Buy this! Its awsome !
So far I am loving this product. Makes the car sound way better feel a lot better too. I would definitely recommend this. Plus their step by step write up, was on Point and it helped out a lot.
Got my TIP in paired with 27won's own CAI and what a great combination! Car seems more responsive and slightly louder. Have a canned tune, but can't wait to get a custom tune and make full use of this mod. Expect nothing less than A+ quality from this company!
Amazing product, packaging was perfect. Presentation was perfect. Product looks beautiful. Instructions with easy to understand. Thank you for an amazing product. I highly recommend!
Loved it , I installed it myself with some YouTube videos for help and knocked it out the park appreciate the quality and color ????????
This Turbo Inlet pipe is massive compare to OEM one. I also noticed a louder turbo spool and i have a forged motorsport BOV and it makes the flutter noise (stututu)????.
Installed on my 2017 Hatchback 6MT and immediately noticed improved turbo spool and power gain. Throttle response also feels sharper with the new inlet pipe. Very impressive craftsmanship and installed by shop with relative ease. Keep up the great products 27won.
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2016-2021 Honda Civic equipped with 1.5L turbo engine
Will work on cars equipped with

  • 27WON CAI
  • PRL street and race CAI
  • PRL street and race SRI
  • AEM, K&N or Injen SRI
  • Mishimoto Intake

Will not work with OEM intake or airbox