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2016-2021 Civic Turbocharger Upgrade - W1

2016-2021 Civic Turbocharger Upgrade - W1

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Use of 5W-30 engine oil recommended.
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In modern engines like those found in the 10th generation Honda Civic the turbocharger is the heart and breath of power and performance.

The turbocharger is a sort of bottleneck in the engine in which all air must enter and exit. Therefore, a performance turbocharger is one of the most potent upgrades you can make for your Honda Civic SI or base model. We’ve removed the guesswork, fab work, and pain of a custom turbo kit and created a performance turbocharger that installs and fits like OE, but performs far above.

Check out the video below to see the W1 Performance Turbocharger for the 2016+ Honda Civic REDEFINING THE AFTERMARKET.

27won dare subheadline

27won redefine design subheadline

The design of the 27WON W1 turbo started brand new from scratch with CAD models. Every component of the turbocharger was considered during design for performance. The 27WON W1 Honda Civic Turbocharger is about performance, fitment, and reliability without compromise.

drop in fitment subheadline

Specifically designed to fit like the original Honda (OE) turbocharger, the W1 Turbo Kit works with any and all performance parts designed for fitment on the OE turbo. Easy installation and no need to discard or modify the supporting performance parts you’ve already invested in.

breathe easy subheadline

A 59% larger compressor wheel is used to increase peak flow and boost capacity. CNC machined from forged aluminum for superior strength, our wheel also features extended tip technology and increased blade height.

Boost pressure capacity of the turbocharger is currently limited to not exceed ~28psi through 6500rpm due to MAP sensor limitations. A larger unit and MAP sensor suggested for those looking to make more then 27psi.

bigger is better subheadline

A 61% larger turbine wheel is used for increased overall engine efficiency and power potential. Our 9-blade design was selected to reduce boost lag common when upgrading a turbocharger while still providing increased flow and power all the way to the engine redline.

perfect fit subheadline

Redefining doesn’t stop at the turbo itself. Each 27WON Turbocharger comes with all the necessary oil and coolant lines, hardware, and everything else required for installation. No need to worry about runs to the local parts store to get this turbo installed. This is a complete "Drop-In" turbocharger kit.

no core charge subheadline

The 27WON W1 Turbocharger is built from 100% new performance components; therefore there is no core charge, no delays and no extra down time for your Civic Si, hatchback, or sedan.

New castings for the compressor and turbine housings along with a larger CHRA take the W1 Turbo above and beyond what a reworked OE turbo could ever be.

increase power subheadline

Showing a true drop-in comparison, we see an un-tuned power increase of +18wHP and wTQ carrying strong to redline. Following this, a tune optimized for the W1 Turbo nets a total of +42wHP.

Carrying power to redline was the #1 goal for the W1 turbo without significantly effecting low end torque. With this new power curve, peak torque hits 500rpm later and horsepower carries to redline providing a total 500rpm extra engine RPM past the OE 6500rpm redline.

For stock block cars moving the peak torque higher in the RPM range helps reduce the chance of catastrophic engine failure due to excessive force on the connecting rods and pistons.

E85 ethanol results subheadline

Showing a true drop-in comparison with E85 fuel, we see an un-tuned power increase of +52wHP and +2wTQ. Following this, a tune optimized for the W1 Turbo nets a total of +65wHP and +18wTQ.

The L15 found in the CivicX loves boost and octane, which is why we saw a much larger increase in power with the addition of ethanol over 91 Octane gasoline.

performance CHRA housing subheadline

Designing the W1 Turbocharger from scratch allowed us to utilize a larger performance CHRA (center housing rotating assembly). This is important because this allows us the use of larger bearings which will handle the increased stress of high boost and the physically larger wheels. Adding a larger turbine shaft along with improving the cooling capacity of the CHRA helps create a performance turbocharger that can make you real power and do so reliably for you Turbo Honda Civic.

full hardware included subheadline

We know the OE downpipe to turbo studs are a real pain in the A** so we are including new studs and crimp nuts for easy installation. You are getting the full package and nothing less.

read the advisory sub headline banner
  • 5W-30 engine oil recommended post install
  • Do not exceed 27psi operating boost pressure

Be sure to read about our journey on how we brought you the first and only true drop-in turbocharger upgrade for the CivicX. Click the links below to read more.

27won service and support subheadline

Installing Your Honda Civic Turbocharger Upgrade




27Won W1 is an amazing product and everything advertised. Vlad and 27Won team provide best support.
Just like all the other products from 27Won, fit like a glove, high quality product, instructions, and packaging. Was on the fence for a bit, but know I wanted it. Take to Vlad and he gave me additional reassurance and was an easy decision to go ahead with
the W1. Was an easy and quick install and e-tuned immediately after. I feel like the car is safer and stronger now. I have a CVT and like the slightly later spool vs stock, but after it just keeps pulling. Another satisfying purchase from 27Won. Thank you for a great product, I'm definitely a loyal customer from the entire experience.
This was easier to install than the TIP Haha!! Sounds amazing and a huge difference in performance from stock.
I know everyone can write a review and try to get on the Boys of 27Won good side but tbh I’m writing this bcuz genuinely I had the best costumer service on car parts I ever had, reason why is bcuz not they only help me with buying the right turbo for what I want in my car , but also bcuz Vincent took the time to respond each an every single email I send to make sure I get everything done right , saying this also bcuz I run into a mechanical issue while I was installing my turbo but Vincent was there the whole time , that shows a lot about a company and about the type of person he is !!! So this bad boy definitely took my little hatchback to another world ,fun,fast (for me) and no regrets. Thank you so much Vincent and the rest of the 27Won crew ..
Went from the TSP stage 2 on the stock turbo to the W1. Night and day difference in power and response. The stock turbo starts to flatten out on the top end where the W1 just keeps pulling, especially when running between an E20-E30 blend. Install was easy with the provided instructions.
I’m no mechanic, but this turbo install was fairly easy thanks to 27won step by step instructions.

Currently W1 Base map tune (25% ethanol)
And it’s night and day difference! Thanks 27won for the amazing turbo. LTFT on point, AFR on point, and WOT smooth all the way to redline. If you’re thinking about getting a W1 turbo, get it now! I did and I couldn’t be happier.
Get this turbo! It has more usable power and better drivability. I also have 27Won turbo inlet and the turbo sounds awesome.
-easy install.
-More power.

Thanks 27won
Amazing power. Night and day difference.
Got mine awhile back. Used for about 6 months and had an issue. I was able to send it back and get a rebuild under warranty. I believe anything man made could always have a potential issue. They called me and were super awesome . Fantabulous customer service and even better product! It’s been about 5 months now and I couldn’t be more happy until I buy their other products!
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All 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T equipped models including SI, RS, and International versions
No core charge required
Can work with any combination of intake, downpipe, and intercooler