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2022+ 1.5T Civic & Integra Turbocharger Upgrade - GIN

2022+ 1.5T Civic & Integra Turbocharger Upgrade - GIN


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GIN Turbocharger KTuner Tune Options

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An all-new generation of Honda Civic and Acura Integra from Honda means an all-new generation of performance turbochargers from 27WON.

Taking our years of research & development tweaking and tuning this 1.5L turbocharged engine, we set out to truly hit a home-run off the bat with a turbo upgrade that will without a doubt put a smile on your face and bus lengths on the competition.

Capable of hitting 330+WHP, we designed the Gin turbo to work well within the confines of the stock block, internals, and fuel system to get you the power and confidence you need in any driving situation. That means we optimized and enlarged both the turbine and compressor wheels, gave you the option for a performance Ball Bearing CHRA capable of taking any abuse you dish out, and topped everything off with OEM like fitment so this turbo drops right in place of your stock unit.

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Let's cut right to the chase, you want to know what sort of power the 27WON Gin turbo can put out, right? In the graph above, you see a direct comparison of the Gin drop-in turbo in Ball Bearing variety "green line" laid over the graph of the same car with the stock OEM IHI turbocharger "dotted grey line".

Well, how about 140WHP and over 130 WTQ over stock! The biggest difference you'll notice is that fat power band after ~3,250RPM when the boost hits strong and puts you back into your seat. Our best run of the day netted almost 330WHP and 324WTQ. Adding a tuner, bolt-ons, a custom tune, and ethanol brings a nice boost in power by themselves but Gin takes it to a whole new level. We didn't sacrifice too much spool down low by optimizing the compressor and turbine wheels and you can read more about how in our wheel selection section.

This data was collected on our 11th Gen Civic Si running a full suite of bolt-on modifications, some of which you can find here along with a E30 blend of ethanol. Once we add in our upcoming 27WON Turbo Inlet Pipe, we're confident we can extract even more power. We were so impressed after testing this turbo, we wanted to go run down some Type Rs on the streets of Vegas.

Right click on graph to open in new tab for larger image. For even more detailed power figure comparisons, see the "Read the Blogs" section below.

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Not only are we giving you the option of bundling in a tuning platform (saving $100 in the process), but we’re also giving you plenty of options when it comes to actually tuning for your brand-new Gin turbo. 27WON has partnered with Innovative MotorWorks to bring you the most reliable and tested KTuner maps for your Civic and Integra equipped with the Gin Turbo. Whether you’re running regular 91/93 pump gas or want something spicier utilizing Ethanol, we’ve got you sorted with either off-the-shelf “Basemap” files or your own full blown “Custom” tune options. We want you to get the most from Gin, so if you bundle a custom tune, you get $100 off Gin at checkout!

  • 91+ Single Fuel Base Map = The simplest option of the bunch. Once your Gin turbo is installed, upload this map, fill up your favorite premium pump gas (minimum octane rating should be 91, but 93 is recommended) and hit the streets for your first joy ride. Available for all 1.5T trims and Manual or CVT applications
  • E30 Flex Fuel Base Map = Looking for something a bit wilder and have a flex fuel kit installed? Plug in this E30 map designed to run a combination of fuel targeting ~30% ethanol content. Available for all 1.5T trims and Manual or CVT applications
  • 91+ Single Fuel Custom Tune = Ready to step up to something that will bring out more power than a basemap for your L15 powered sedan or hatch? Then opt for a custom e-tune calibration and lock in just the right combination of performance and reliability for your car
  • E30 Flex Fuel Custom Tune = Have access to Ethanol at your local station and want to leave nothing on the table? Then you’re ready for the maximum potential out of the Gin turbo with a custom e-tune calibration with Ethanol

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Gin is Japanese for Silver and is the name given to the latest versions of our drop-in turbochargers for the 1.5T engine found in your 2022+ Civic or Integra.

Every Gin turbo takes years of 27WON experience crafting upgraded turbos for the Civic platform and brings it all together through the careful use of upgraded materials, beefier internals, and latest technologies proven time and time again to deliver blazing performance on the street and on the track.

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You could say we're partial to Ball Bearing (BB) CHRAs (center housing and rotating assembly). Now, there is a place in our catalogue for a standard journal-bearing (JB) upgraded performance turbo so we’re giving you the choice of choosing the right version based on your goals. In fact, your OEM IHI Honda turbo uses a Journal Bearing style turbo and it is a good cost-effective option to make more power.

So, here are the facts you need to know so you can make the right choice between Journal or Ball Bearing turbos. Do you have a budget goal in mind or are you after max power? The Journal Bearing Gin retails for a few hundred dollars less than its Ball Bearing (BB) counterpart. On the other hand, if cost is less of a consideration, the Ball Bearing option with the Gin is optimized for just a bit more power potential thanks to its compressor wheel configuration. So, expect peak power sooner and a 5-10WHP more of it at full blast.

Ok, what else? Let’s talk about what sort of driving you do. If you usually drive your car hard on the street or race it often then a BB turbo is the way to go. It will spool quicker thanks to less drag inside the Ball Bearing system. Also, a BB unit is able to take more sudden and abrupt loads better than its JB counterpart so response to throttle input is faster. When you are cruising in 6th then drop to 3rd to pull on that domestic or import trying to flex on you, the Ball Bearing turbo can take all you throw at it and then ask for more. If you’re not about that life and simply like to do some pulls here or there or prefer roll racing (in Mexico) then the Journal Bearing option may be just fine for you.


Below is a side-by-side comparison of the 27WON Gin turbocharger and the OEM Honda/Acura IHI unit found in your 1.5T Sedan or Hatch. Check out the breakdown of these measurements all meant to increase the potential power and responsiveness of this turbo.

  • OEM compressor wheel inducer = 36.3mm
  • OEM compressor wheel exducer = 47.7mm
  • OEM turbine wheel inducer = 42mm
  • OEM turbine wheel exducer = 34mm

  • 27WON compressor wheel inducer = 47mm
  • 27WON compressor wheel exducer = 58mm
  • 27WON turbine wheel inducer = 46.5mm
  • 27WON turbine wheel exducer = 41mm

These wheel sizes offer a great improvement in mid-range and top-end horsepower and torque without being too large and losing a lot of the responsiveness that the OEM turbo has. This turbo will be at home both on the street and excel in track, auto-x and even during the totally legal highway pulls you do from time to time.

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100% brand new unit. No core exchange, no rebuilds, no downtime or waiting for machine work. The 27WON turbocharger utilizes high quality materials made from scratch for a unit that gives you that "new car smell."

On top of that, you'll get all the gaskets and fittings you need for a clean fresh install without having to run to the hardware store mid-wrenching. When we say it's truly "drop-in", we mean it!

  • To fully take advantage of this performance turbocharger, an upgraded clutch and 27WON 4 BAR MAP sensors are recommended
  • A tuning platform solution such as KTuner or Hondata are required
  • Please read carefully if you are opting to purchase either one of the KTuner Basemap or Custom tunes to go along with your Gin turbocharger. After your purchase, you will receive redemption instruction on obtaining your selected map from Innovative MotorWorks. Please ensure that you are using the proper fuel you have selected for your tune. A minimum of 91 octane is required for the single fuel versions. If opting for a Custom tune, note that this is done remotely with the tuner directly and will take multiple revisions over time. If you are running a larger sized MAF and Intake like a “Race” or “Big Bore”, please select the Custom tune option
  • Hondata basemaps not yet available at this time. KTuner basemap support available for all 1.5T trims and Manual or CVT applications
  • Bundle and save. Get a $100 discount off the price of your Gin turbo when you select one of the Custom tune options above. Discount applied at checkout
  • Official step-by-step color install instructions available

blog header Click the links below to read more about the power potential of Gin.

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Installing Your Honda 1.5T Turbocharger Upgrade

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty




The instructions given from 27WON seem like they help a lot and the fitment is spot on. This turbo fits just like stock, and requires almost nothing to be modified. On the dyno both myself and the tuner were impressed with the spool, the power delivery, and the quality and consistency of the turbo!
I installed the GIN Turbo on my 23 Integra and it was just the boost I was searching. Low end torque is not a problem now. Incredible upgrade for guys/gals that want Type R and Type S power from their 1.5T. Dyno verified with 306whp on pump gas.
Solid Turbo. Installation is straight forward, Not too much turbo lag. Slapped it on the dyno and it was good for 35 hp. Cranked it up to 285HP and 311Tq coming from 250HP and 301TQ. I know everyone wants the golden 300 HP which I believe I can get once I upgrade my intake system. Just running a drop in PRL Air filter for intake which I strongly believe is holding me back from 300HP. It is important to note that I have most of the most common bolt ons... downpipe, front pipe, exhaust, intercooler, rear engine mount, FK8 clutch, and now ARP head studs. It's got a nice whistle to it which when driving will turn peoples heads walking on the sidewalk. Can get it to spool up to about 24-26 PSI. I wouldn't bring this car beyond this power. The bottom end is maxed out. I can feel it. But yeah definitely the Gin is a good bang for your buck. I will post some turbo pulls on my IG account as soon as the weather clears up so be sure to check in and follow UZD3RGZD
Wow what an upgrade! This has made the car a true monster. From the grab your pants feeling on acceleration, to the loud turbo spool, this upgrade is fun and noticeable!
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All 2022+ 1.5T Honda Civic Si and Non-Si trims
All 2023+ 1.5T Acura Integra trims
2018 - 2022 Honda Accord 1.5T (custom tuning required)
No core charge required
Works with both 6 Speed Manual and CVT applications
Can work with any combination of intake, downpipe, and intercooler