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"27WON" Front Mount Intercooler Stencil

"27WON" Front Mount Intercooler Stencil


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This listing is to purchase a stencil for the front "27WON" logo on our FMIC. To order a full front mount intercooler for your 1.5T click here or for your 2.0T Type R here
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It's the little details that make the build stand out. Make sure your 27WON Intercooler is looking sharp with a quick spruce up using this stencil.

Have you been putting some hard track miles on your FK8 equipped with 27WON Intercooler? Is your 1.5T 10th Gen Civic daily driver front end looking a little tattered from all the debris kicked up along your commute? Maybe you want a different color logo or just want a refreshed white '27WON" logo to stand out loud to let everyone know you are rocking the highest performing drop-in FMIC on the market?

Super simple to apply and a few coats of paint is all you need to quickly refresh the front end of your ride.

We recommend using "Rustoleum Paint & Primer - Semi-Gloss White" for a perfect match.

stencil to reapply 27WON graphics to front mount intercooler

Respraying your FMIC with the 27WON stencil

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty


Will work on 2017 - 2021 Civic Type R's equipped with a 27WON FK8 Front Mount Intercooler
Will work on 2016 - 2021 Civic Non Si & Si models equipped with a 27WON L15 Front Mount Intercooler
Rustoleum Paint & Primer Semi-Gloss White paint recommended
Don't stop at just re-applying your "27WON" logo on your intercooler. Best use of our stencil gets a prize. Works great on toolboxes, interior walls and even your buddies Nissan, Toyota, or VW