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27WON Cold Air Intake Air Filter

27WON Cold Air Intake Air Filter

This listing is to purchase a replacement air filter element only. To order a full Cold Air Intake, click here. To order our Short Ram Intake, click here.
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The high performance air filter found in your 27WON Cold Air or Short Ram Intake system has a super crucial job.

It's responsible for allowing cool dense air into the intake system of your car through the inlet pipe (TIP) and then into the turbo itself.

Keeping this air clean and free of debris while still allowing an ample amount of airflow is key to maintaining optimal performance and to make sure you get all that power from your setup. A dirty or clogged filter means leaving power on the table and poor engine performance.

Cleaning and replacing your air filter at regular intervals should be a part of every owners maintenance routine.
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Built tough, our 27WON replacement filters utilizes a 4-ply synthetic media and come wire reinforced for the utmost durability.

Each genuine filter has our signature 'W' logo right on top to boot so you know you're getting the best for your Civic.

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air filter inner pleats

The pleated design ensures maximum airflow with each fold acting as additional area for filtration and a path for outside air to enter.

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  • Please allow the filter to dry for at-least 24 hours after going through a cleaning cycle to ensure it is moisture free
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DRYFLOW = no oiling required. That's right, not only are these filters highly efficient at filtering air, they are simple to maintain. No need to reoil at certain intervals, these filters are 100% oil-free.

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washable air filter

Servicing your 27WON air filter is super easy. Head on over to our blog and read about the entire process-> Click to learn how to service your air filter.

We recommend 10,000 mile intervals between cleanings, sooner if you live in a very dusty climate. The full process is broken down step by step here.

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “27WON”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes

Installing Your Replacement Air Filter

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty


2016- 2021 models: will work on cars equipped with a 27WON cold air intake system(Street or Race)
2022+ models: will work on cars equipped with a 27WON Short Ram intake system