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2016+ Honda Civic/Acura Integra Leather Shift Knob

2016+ Honda Civic/Acura Integra Leather Shift Knob

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A high-performance vehicle is not just about the parts under the hood or on each corner. Performance is also about the direct interface you have with the car.

It is just this interface that 27WON honed in on and decided to REDEFINE with a high performance shift knob.

Simple… an ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and confident grip. The 27WON shift knob is wrapped in genuine leather that is soft to the touch while giving you the dexterity you want from a high-performance tactile part. Lastly, leather is a thermally friendly material; It won’t burn your hand in the summer and won’t give you frostbite in the winter.

Introducing the 10th and 11th generation Civic leather shift knob.This knob is also a great addition to the 5th Gen Acura Integra.

BONUS VIDEO: Find out why metal shift knobs are bad for your health

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Despite what you most often see in the market, a shift knob is not just a round chunk of metal or plastic that helps you to change gears. We believe it is much more than that which is why we set out to REDEFINE the design and bring something unique to the 10th Gen Civic Market.

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The 27WON Shift Knob features a unique ergonomic design which provides a confidence inspiring interface with the vehicle that doesn't compromise comfort. Whether daily driven or track rat, our Leather Shift Knob is designed to perform.

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Weighing in at ~320grams the 27WON Shift knob is a great balance of size and weight. With a steel core molded within high density foam, our shift knob increases total weight to improve shifting feel and response.

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27WON Shift Knob is wrapped in genuine leather with your choice of color stitching: Redline Red or Stealth Black. Both models come with a subtle 27WON embroidered logo in Stealth Black.

Best part of leather... it's not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. Unlike metal and some plastics, leather is a thermally friendly material.

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To ensure easy installation and guaranteed fit, each shift knob comes with a new stainless steel locking nut (as required) designed specifically for the 27WON Shift Knob. The 2022+ Si and 2023+ Integra/Type R will reuse the OEM locking nut.

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A shift knob designed for you

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  • 10th Gen Non-Si and Non-Type R trims may notice varying boot/collar fitment. Overall fitment of the leather boot to the bottom of shift knob can vary depending on trim of Civic and brand of shift collar being used. This does not effect performance of the shift knob but aesthetics can be altered. Click here for sample image of our leather shift knob installed on a 2021 Hatchback Sport.
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic (2022+). Si/CTR trim: Direct bolt on fitment, re-use OEM Honda locking collar. Non-Si trim: Not a direct bolt on fitment, locking collar is designed for 2016-2021 manual Civics'.
  • 5th Gen Integra (2023+) trims may also notice varying boot/collar fitment. Overall fitment of the leather boot to the bottom of shift knob can vary. Shown here is how the stock shift knob and boot will line up. This does not effect performance of the shift knob, but aesthetics can be altered. Click here for sample image of our leather shift knob installed on a 2023 A-Spec Integra.

service and support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and tested in the great Pacific Northwest
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “redefine”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes
  • For support: >>CLICK TO CONTACT US<<


Such an amazing upgrade for only a few minutes of work! Great upgrade, couldn’t be happier!!!!
I've had the knob installed now for about a week. I was super excited to get it. Here are my, hopefully, unbiased review for others that rely heavily on honest reviews. I'll try and keep this short and to the point.

Overall: I would definitely get this all over again. Still don't know if I like my knob a bit taller or not. I like look of a shorter knob, but there are some pros to the taller knob. I wonder if there is a way to lower it. I do plan on upgrading the shifter assembly with the stage 2 upgrade kit from Acuity. Other than getting the fully adjustable assembly by Acuity, I don't know that there is a way to adjust the height of the shifter knob.

Size: The size is a bit larger than the stock knob. The head diameter not so much, but overall it is a bit taller. As a 6' 3" guy, the know fits my hand much better. However it does stick up about an inch higher than stock. By no means does it impair you access to the media/climate cluster. But it does give an illusion of a longer through, even though it's probably negligible. It took a couple days to get used to the new higher position. Since it is taller, its closer to my hand position on the steering wheel, but I have bumped it a couple times turning sport mode on. In my opinion, that button is in a horrible location regardless of the shifter knob. Another thing to realize with a taller knob is that items stored in the cup holder are no longer in the way. Before, if I had a drink in the cup holder it would be touching my forearm evert time I shifted. Now the shifter is just tall enough to raise my for arm out of the way.

Shape: As I mentioned before, the knob is large enough to fit my hand. This is primarily because of the shape. It is quite comfortable to handle both grasping the knob head or as a joystick.

Aesthetics: I think this know looks great. The black leather matches the stock shifter boot perfectly and so does the red stitching if you decide to get it. The logo is a nice touch and not in a pretty conspicuous so if you don't want logos plastered on everything, don't worry about it. But, it's still there if you want to show it off. The embroidery of the logo is nicely detailed.

Weight: It is much noticeably heavier than stock, when held in each hand. However, I don't notice it quite as much after it is installed. There must be a reason for it to be heavier. Maybe it makes it feel more solid when shifting.

Materials: Like I said before, the leather matches perfectly. It is quite comfortable to grasp. I’m not a leather expert, but it feels way better than the stock boot and knob leather. The leather is the main reason I got this knob. The aluminum on the stock knob gets so hot in the summer and freezes my hand in the winter. I haven't had the opportunity to drive in really cold temperatures but I suspect it will be much better than straight aluminum. I don't know what material the stock locking nut is, but I am very pleased to know that the new one is stainless steel.

Installation: I would bet the installation is easier than replacing the wind shield wipers. The directions were straight forward and color coded. The most difficult part was making sure the knob was oriented correctly as there is now method of measurement. You're just gonna have to "eyeball" it. I tightened mine enough to not move it while driving, but if I put two hands on it and gritted my teeth, I could slightly adjust it clockwise or counter. I did this about 3 or 4 times while driving (at a stop light of course), until I was satisfied at its orientation. Who knows if it's perfect, but its all about how if feels for you when you use it. If you like it off by a degree or two, go for it. I did notice that the shifter leaver is not centered in the housing. It is offset by a bit, closer to the driver.
Much more functional and fun compared to the OEM knob. The extra weight and size feels more proportional to the rest of the shifter and it’s easier to stick the grip during quick shifts. Plus, yeah, it doesn’t get crazy hot like the OEM one.
Perfect, as soon as I put this on I was in love. You guys nailed this one!
Size and weight are bang on and so are the looks (red stitch)
It does lift your shifter height about an inch. But shift quality and grip are so much better!
The leather is high quality and I love the weight. The stitching matches factory 2019 SI stitching. It feels as if this shift knob should have come with the car from the factory.
Wow!! Been waiting on the gem for a while and glad I did. The design and weight just work perfect. Get this shift knob.
Excellent knob, size is great and the weight is suprising! The shipping time and packaging was also great. I'm very pleased with the quality and feel and it matches the car perfectly!
27won has a winner here. They’ve done what no other company has done for Hondas, and built an amazing leather covered, weighted knob. The shape is classic, and tasteful. The quality is top notch. The feel is perfect in your hand. I replaced my Skunk2 weighted knob (which is a great knob, except for the searing heat after sitting outside on a summer day). The fit is perfect with the included lock nut and the stock shift boot and ring sit flush against the bottom of the knob. If you’re tired of hot metal knobs, or glorified plastic (resin) knobs, get this. You will not be disappointed. The shape and feel really remind me of the stock OE knob in the EM1 Civic Si (with more weight and a bit wider profile). I got the “stealth black” knob to make it it a bit more interchangeable if I end up with a different Honda in the future and it really has a great OE look in my current 19 Si. Thanks again 27won.
Fantastic high-quality genuine leather shift knob! Switched over from a Skunk2 knob which was fine in the mornings and nights but got super hot in the day time. I had to use a shift knob cozy.

The 27Won shift knob has a nice weight to it and fits the hand perfectly. I opted for the red-stitched version to match my Si. Installation is super easy and it includes a locking nut.

Also, just wanted to mention the awesome packaging. Yeah, it's just a cardboard box but has a glossy finish and a magnet in the enclosure. The little details are greatly appreciated and show how much work 27Won puts into their products.
I am more than happy with this knob. The weight feels superb and makes shifting feel even more crisp than before. It doesn't get very warm when sitting in the sun which is a welcomed change in comparison to the stock Si shift knob and my Billetworkz knob. Superb product, 27WON!
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