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2016+ Honda Civic/Acura Integra Leather Shift Knob

2016+ Honda Civic/Acura Integra Leather Shift Knob

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A high-performance vehicle is not just about the parts under the hood or on each corner. Performance is also about the direct interface you have with the car.

It is just this interface that 27WON honed in on and decided to REDEFINE with a high performance shift knob.

Simple… an ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and confident grip. The 27WON shift knob is wrapped in genuine leather that is soft to the touch while giving you the dexterity you want from a high-performance tactile part. Lastly, leather is a thermally friendly material; It won’t burn your hand in the summer and won’t give you frostbite in the winter.

Introducing the 10th and 11th generation Civic leather shift knob.This knob is also a great addition to the 5th Gen Acura Integra.

BONUS VIDEO: Find out why metal shift knobs are bad for your health

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Despite what you most often see in the market, a shift knob is not just a round chunk of metal or plastic that helps you to change gears. We believe it is much more than that which is why we set out to REDEFINE the design and bring something unique to the 10th Gen Civic Market.

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The 27WON Shift Knob features a unique ergonomic design which provides a confidence inspiring interface with the vehicle that doesn't compromise comfort. Whether daily driven or track rat, our Leather Shift Knob is designed to perform.

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Weighing in at ~320grams the 27WON Shift knob is a great balance of size and weight. With a steel core molded within high density foam, our shift knob increases total weight to improve shifting feel and response.

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27WON Shift Knob is wrapped in genuine leather with your choice of color stitching: Redline Red or Stealth Black. Both models come with a subtle 27WON embroidered logo in Stealth Black.

Best part of leather... it's not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. Unlike metal and some plastics, leather is a thermally friendly material.

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To ensure easy installation and guaranteed fit, each shift knob comes with a new stainless steel locking nut (as required) designed specifically for the 27WON Shift Knob. The 2022+ Si and 2023+ Integra/Type R will reuse the OEM locking nut.

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A shift knob designed for you

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  • 10th Gen Non-Si and Non-Type R trims may notice varying boot/collar fitment. Overall fitment of the leather boot to the bottom of shift knob can vary depending on trim of Civic and brand of shift collar being used. This does not effect performance of the shift knob but aesthetics can be altered. Click here for sample image of our leather shift knob installed on a 2021 Hatchback Sport.
  • 11th Gen Honda Civic (2022+). Si/CTR trim: Direct bolt on fitment, re-use OEM Honda locking collar. Non-Si trim: Not a direct bolt on fitment, locking collar is designed for 2016-2021 manual Civics'.
  • 5th Gen Integra (2023+) trims may also notice varying boot/collar fitment. Overall fitment of the leather boot to the bottom of shift knob can vary. Shown here is how the stock shift knob and boot will line up. This does not effect performance of the shift knob, but aesthetics can be altered. Click here for sample image of our leather shift knob installed on a 2023 A-Spec Integra.

service and support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and tested in the great Pacific Northwest
  • Complete online installation instructions through the Dozuki App: Search “redefine”
  • Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes
  • For support: >>CLICK TO CONTACT US<<


I'm stoked about replacing the stock knob, even though I liked it's smooth feel. The long Chico heat is relentless, and I had to leave a drink coozie over it to not burn my hand. The leather feels great and I'm glad I chose the red stitching. It's heavier than stock. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I would have liked the shift pattern in red as well. Although, it's been on for awhile and the clean look has grown on me.
Nice work!
I am in love with this thing. I was looking for a replacement for the perfectly attractive factory shifter, which had the bad habit of burning a 1-6 and R on my palm during the summer. The design of this shifter reminded me of my stock '99 prelude shifter which I always liked, that was a plus, it is black leather and red stiched, plus plus. What I found when it arrived was a perfectly matching black leather tone to the boot leather and a likewise match to the color of the red stitching. The added and unexpected bonus was the extra length and weight which improved my shifting efficiency. This thing removes a great deal of the resistance in the shifts and makes them buttery. All it took was some leverage and weight, toss in some carefully selected high quality materials and you get a home run. I took installed photos to upload, but found no where to send them. 27Won, thank you.
Coming from the stock and skunk2 knobs, this one feels amazing in the hand and so natural to grip. I wish it was a bit heavier but I would take this one any day over a heavier metal knob. The leather feels really nice too. Only issue I’ve found is my boot won’t stay on now that I have the knob on.
When I opened the package I was genuinely surprised at how much heavier this knob is compared to stock. It feels great in the hand, and has drastically improved shifts just due to the weight. The leatherwork and red stitching look incredible, and match factory which is what I was looking for. I am very satisfied with this shift knob!
Love this knob’s ergonomics.
It fits perfectly in the hand, my only wish was that it had more weight to it. Because of the size it feels like it could use more weight.
Regardless it goes perfectly with the interior and feels solid.
Perfect! I also have it matched up with an OEM 2020 Type R assembly, which mates perfectly! The shape really fits well and the weight is ideal,when either “throwing it up into 3rd or “ pulling “ it back into 4th. Must have, especially for the price point! Red stitching matches perfectly!
I absolutely love the new shift knob. Like others have said it goes well with the Acuity shifter bushings. The leather feels nice and durable at the same time. I don't regret this purchase one bit. No more burned or frozen hands for me!!
Bought this knob for my 9th gen Si. Mated to an Acuity short throw shifter and it feels amazing. The weight is great. Heavier than stock which is perfect with a short throw, makes the throws easier especially if you have the cable bushings also. Great shift knob, feels great in the hand, very ergonomic.
Top quality shift knob. Every part down to the packaging is beyond excellent. Great company, great parts. Gear engagement is way more fun!
Amazing product, high quality and love the hand written note. I recommend 5 star.
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