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2022+ Honda Civic/2023+ Acura Integra Rear Motor Mount

2022+ Honda Civic/2023+ Acura Integra Rear Motor Mount

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As both horsepower and torque increase on your late model turbocharged Civic or Integra, the battle for traction - to get that power to the pavement - becomes increasingly difficult.

All the power your 11th gen Honda Civic generates is sent through the transaxle, wheels, and tires to get the car rolling forward. The rear engine mount (RMM) along with the two side mounts helps keep the engine in the right place while also providing a smooth and comfortable ride. While the stock mount is okay at OEM power levels, the amount of engine movement the OEM mounts allow becomes undesirable with the extra juice that comes with power upgrades. This is just as evident in the 5th generation Acura Integra and new 11th Gen 2023+Type R.

Upgrading to an aftermarket RMM is a great way to reduce wheel hop (the tendency for the wheels to lift off the ground under hard acceleration and driving) and thus improve traction. Power is worthless if you can't get it to the ground and the 27WON RMM is the solution.

We’ve made some updates to our range of Rear Motor Mounts for the best possible user experience. This means we’ve discontinued some versions and added others into the mix. Watch our latest video below on some of these changes and browse the full listing below for all the details.

BONUS VIDEO: Click here to see the differences between stock and 27WON engine mounts

Click here for a step-by-step install video of your new engine mount

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The key to the 27WON RMM is the use of only one polyurethane mounting point versus the typical two. This may seem counter intuitive to what you are familiar with, but this is not without reason.

The mounting location of the motor mount has a primary motion and secondary motion.

  • Primary = rotational
  • Secondary = up/down

The poly mounting point on the engine side reduces the primary rotational movement of the engine while still allowing some amount of movement due to the polyurethane compressing under load.

The fixed mounting spot connected to the sub-frame gets rid of the up/down motion that the engine follows while the motor rotates. This gets rid of the associated secondary vibration and thus reduces noise, vibration, and harshness. Check out the blog below from our 10th gen development for more details.

In designing a new mount for the 11th gen we evaluated the materials used in its construction. For the metal collar we went with a stainless steel sleeve due to its high corrosion resistance. Aluminum is used for for strength and integrity for the actual body no matter which mount you go for, Street(Cast) or Race (Billet).

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The body of the 27WON Race RMM is manufactured from aluminum and depending on your application, they are available in either Cast or Billet construction. Race mounts are available with 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction for superior strength and weight savings while Street mounts are available in die-cast aluminum for a mount that won’t break the bank. You honestly can’t go wrong either way as both versions utilize optimized CAD designed features to ensure a mount that will perform for your Honda Civic or Acura Integra.

*Note there are a limited number of 27WON Rear Motor Mounts currently available in our Street application with Billet construction and once these are gone, they will be gone for good.

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Anywhere in the build-out of your Civic or Integra that we can reduce weight we do. Our 11th gen RMM is both strong and light utilizing an I-Beam construction. This is a design feature you see in high-performance connecting rods. Our innovative design increases strength without adding unnecessary weight under your ride. Compared to OEM, the 27WON unit shaves off 8 ounces.

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Civic Si, Type R, Acura Integra A-spec and other manual transmission owners have the choice to pick from 70a Street or 90a Race polyurethane for their RMM. The 70a Street is the perfect compromise of on road performance with slightly increased NVH. For those wanting out-right traction with zero wheel hop and can give up some comfort, the 90a race offers the best performance and is the choice for you. With either option, you are going to see lap times go down as your car grips.

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For our 2022 Civic EX equipped with a CVT, we tested many different polyurethane durometers. We arrived at offering one durometer option, 70a for CVT equipped models for the best balance of performance and comfort. These are available exclusively in our Cast construction with a black textured finish.

This is also the suggestion for CVT equipped Integras. The benefits of an upgraded RMM come with subtle increases in NVH. With our 70a CVT mount, you can control wheel hop, eliminate the sloppiness from the drivetrain, all while keeping NVH in check. We do not offer our 90a durometer mount for CVT application for this reason.

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Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) is an evaluation of the various irritants that can be transmitted through the vehicle into the cabin and directly to the driver and passengers. OEM engineers and designers spend countless hours reducing/eliminating NVH from vehicles, however, this comes with a compromise in performance and driver feedback. Not all NVH is created equal, a OEM designer may consider exhaust noise to be unwanted NVH, whereas a performance enthusiast may consider it the desired sound.

At 27WON when designing performance parts that may affect the vehicle's NVH we strive to find the right balance of performance improvement and NVH increase. Ideally, we are able to create a performance part that does not affect NVH, but that is not always the case. Examples are exhaust systems, clutch kits, engine mounts, suspension components…etc.

With the addition of a 27WON performance engine mount increased NVH will be an inherent part of the upgrade. While we do our absolute best to deliver a mount that works great and feels amazing some customers may find the higher levels of NVH to be too great. It is our guarantee that 100% of customers will love this mount. If for any reason you have any concerns with the mount simply reach out to us and our team will be sure to find a solution that works for you.

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  • CVT Owners driving in "S" transmission mode instead of "D" will reduce overall NVH
  • 90a Race mounts not available for CVT applications at this time. The trade-off with increased NVH is not worth the benefit in all the testing we’ve completed. The 70a option is a great middle ground for CVT owners
  • Motor oil can degrade and cause premature wear on certain components such as the Polyurethane bushings found in Rear Motor Mounts. Please be advised that if you have an oil leak present, your Rear Motor Mounts durability and longevity may be impacted if oil gets on these parts. In particular, watch for valve cover leaks, especially on the CTR.

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Installing Your Performance Rear Engine Mount

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty




I got the 90a bushings and installed while installing downpipe and frontpipe so this was super easy to install and i love the feel of the stiffness practically no wheel hop. After about a month the NVH is fine to me the first few days it was a little over the top but after breaking in some its bearable
Start to finish, the installation barely took 15 minutes.

Right out the gate, I noticed the extra vibrations and a slight uptick in engine noise. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Most of the extra “buzz” is noticeable at lower speeds. Weirdly enough, I kind’ve like it.

Keep in mind, I’m running the 60A mount & I’ve had my muffler deleted for a couple months now (I’m used to the louder noise). For those going for the street or race versions, expect a bit more rumble—though I hear that subsides over time.

I put about 200km on the odometer today and, wow, what a difference. Best $251 I’ve ever spent. After I tuned my car, I was battling some serious wheel hop issues. Based on my experience so far, my issues have been solved.

The responsiveness is through the roof, and it feels like every part of the car is more “Synced”. When I was driving on the highway, I found myself pressing lighter on the gas pedal than usual.

Previously, there was always a delay when accelerating, or like a pulling feeling. When I would let off the gas after a pull, I could feel the car “kickback”. It’s kind’ve hard to explain, considering I’m not knowledgeable about this topic. But I couldn’t be more happier.

For the pricepoint, the ease of installation, & the immediate results- I would definitely recommend it.
What a great upgrade! As soon as you turn the car on, you feel and even hear a difference!
Installed "Street 70a" version on my 5th Gen Integra 6MT. NVH is definitely more noticeable over stock upon engine start up until the vehicle is warmed up, then really only noticeable at low RPMs in 1st or reverse. Definitely provides better power delivery to the wheels while reducing wheel hop/skip.
Purchased the race version. "NVH" is crazy nuts in the car. You get tons of low RPM vibration (2000-2600) to the point where it tickles your behind. Huge trade of when it comes to comfort over performance. Just tossed ALL the cars comfort straight out the window with this mod. That being said, it does what it's supposed to do. More power to ground quicker. I just wish the power difference was as noticeable as the vibrations. I try to keep my mods low profile so nobody notices but you can't hide this mod from nobody!!
What can you expect from 27WON? I've been testing this rear motor mount for almost two weeks. I got a 70a street version. Let me tell you something. The car feels fantastic, more fun to drive, and torque is right there when you need it. The vibration is a little bit, and nothing to worry. Also! The box!! OMG, that box is unique, lol. I reuse the box and put my Allen keys inside. https://youtu.be/0yRaBJDhtBc video installation
I had the street version of this RMM installed on my 2017 sport hatch cvt. Install was a breeze as long as you have the necessary tools and jack stands for safety. First thing that I noticed after I installed this was a better connection of the engine to the chassis especially during acceleration. N/V/H is tolerable and it is beginning to be even more tolerable after being broken in. Such a small part but has big benefits.
While not officially verified, 27WON said the 11th gen RMM should fit the 2.0L Civics and I can confirm that. I have the 72a mount for the 6MT Hatch. With the RMM installed it almost felt like an entirely different car! Noise is I'd say comparable to having an aftermarket muffler, but where you get a lot of change in NVH is vibration. I got used to it real quick and do prefer it much more as I feel more connected with the car. Shifts are easier to get smooth now, throttle response is substantially better, and I would say there is more usable RPM in the lower range, like when starting from a stop. Overall the car feels so much more powerful. Would definitely recommend as one of the first mods to do if you plan on releasing more of the sportiness of the Civic, regardless of if you are going to do heavy HP adders or not.
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2022+ Honda Civic Sedan/Hatchback 1.5T and NA 2.0L equipped models
2022+ Honda Civic Si
2023+ Honda Civic Type R
2023+ Acura Integra A-Spec & Type S
***NOTE*** NVH will increase over OEM mount, the increased levels of NVH may or may not be suitable for some customers. If you are sensitive to NVH, please keep this in mind