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Hondata L15 1.5 Turbo Fuel System Upgrade

Hondata L15 1.5 Turbo Fuel System Upgrade

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Raise the ceiling on the amount of horsepower and torque your 10th Gen (2017-2021) or 11th Gen (2022+) Honda Civic Si can make by upgrading your fuel delivery.

The Hondata 1.5T Fuel System upgrade is a complete package designed to give you the hardware you need for up to a 39% increase in fuel volume and flow over your stock OEM Honda system. This is the kit to take your FC1, FC3, or FE1 Civic to the next level of performance and gives you the ability to run full E85 with your flex fuel kit. Best of all, it's completely plug-and-play and fully reversible.

Check out the details below to see how you can get up to 500+WHP with this Hondata kit and a tune on your fully bolted Si Sedan or Si Coupe.

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Is your stock fuel system limiting your power gains on your 1.5T L15B powered Civic Si? With flex fuel, the OE system will support only about ~350 horsepower. This Hondata fuel kit comes with 4 new high flow fuel injectors designed to provide 35% more fuel flow over the stock injectors. These higher flowing injectors are just one part of this package that allow you to get more HP + TQ from your setup especially once you start running big power adders like our W2 line of turbos!

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We all want to see some nice power figures and also retain OEM like reliability, right? Well, whether you want to run a straight E85 fuel mix now or just want the bandwidth to keep pushing your power higher and higher later, you can achieve that with this kit. Take a look at the above dyno graphs and power potential.

Note: this dyno graph is representative of what you can achieve with a suite of bolt-in performance parts, a built bottom end, and a larger turbocharger. For what we recommend as some supporting mods, see here for our catalogue of 27WON parts.

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  • 2017-2021 Honda Civic Si (FC1/FC3)
  • 2022+ Honda Civic Si (FE1)

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A camshaft? Yes, Hondata includes a brand new optimized camshaft in this package to provide the fuel volume you need to support 500+WHP.

Now, this camshaft is not for power specifically, rather you need it to increase the stroke of your stock high-pressure fuel pump so that it can deliver more fuel volume once you start making serious boost. Attain up to a 39% increase in volume at the HPFP thanks to this trick camshaft.

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A brand new high pressure fuel line is included so you don't need to re-use your stock high pressure fuel line for greater reliability and ease of install. This ensures you get consistent and reliable fuel pressure when you mash the gas. No detail is overlooked in this kit.

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  • Hondata FlashPro is required and not included
  • Hondata MOD files (available from Hondata) or custom tuning settings required
  • Professional installation is recommended
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Installing Your Fuel System Upgrade

Difficulty: 5/5

5/5 Difficulty




Software can be downloaded here: >> click here<<
2017-2021 Honda Civic Si (FC1/FC3)
2022+ Honda Civic Si (FE1)