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2022+ Civic & Integra 1.5L Turbo Inlet Pipe

2022+ Civic & Integra 1.5L Turbo Inlet Pipe

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2022+ Civic & Integra 1.5L TIP Silicone Coupler
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Next batch due late Summer

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Next batch due late Summer

Yes, it’s here and yes, it’s big. Like 80MM big. It's the largest diameter inlet pipe to hit the streets and find space underneath the hood of your 1.5T powered Civic or Integra.

This is a one-piece design that doesn’t leave anything on the table. Install is easy and we’ve made the inlet pipe available in multiple finishes so you can dial in the aesthetics you want. Choose the natural uncoated option to rock that industrial look or finish it in a choice of any color you want to match your other mods. The other option is our classic textured black finish to bring the stealth look.

Combine this Turbo Inlet Pipe with our Short Ram Intake and Gin turbocharger upgrade for the ultimate combination of breathing mods to support your big power 1.5T dreams. It also works extremely well with your stock intake and can also be used as a straight bolt-on upgrade for your stock Honda turbocharger if you prefer to keep things OEM+.

27won dare subheadline

27won design subheadline
a upgraded larger inlet pipe for your turbo

If looks didn’t matter we wouldn't design an inlet pipe this epic! We really wanted to make this inlet pop in your engine bay so we crafted a piece that looks massive and has a trick debossed inset “27WON” logo. It really grabs your attention when you first pop the hood. The smoothed & elongated exterior surface creates a seamless path for airflow while the gradual curve towards the turbo eliminates the weirdness of the pancake shape the factory inlet pipe has.

27won unique attributes subheadline we simply make more power with this pipe

While our inlet pipe works well by itself without any other mods, it really starts to shine when adding it on top of other power mods like a turbo or FMIC. Paired with our Gin Ball Bearing turbo, some supporting mods and running straight 91 OCT, we installed in this T.I.P. with no other changes and saw an immediate average gains of 6WHP and 4WTQ. Our best run netted the peak 11WHP gain seen above! Not bad for a simple parts swap. Well, we didn’t stop there. We then optimized the tune to take full advantage of the TIP and came away with gains of almost 26WHP and 15WTQ. Yes, this thing makes power and gobs of it across the entire RPM range.

more air flow subheadline
we’ve made this inlet 80MM wide

We mentioned that this is the largest diameter inlet pipe on the market, but we want to repeat that again, this is important. 80MM. No other inlet pipe is this large. There is a good reason for this size. It matches well to aftermarket intake outlets and removes the restriction that is the stock pancake looking OEM Honda Inlet Pipe. Bigger = better for this part.

What an upgraded larger inlet pipe delivers is better throttle response and less lag. All that air is forced right into the turbocharger compressor so when you step on the gas, there is a large pocket of air ready to be compressed when you step on the gas. This becomes even more beneficial with an upgraded larger turbocharger.

hardware and gaskets subheadline no tune required inlet pipe

As with everything we do here at 27WON, we’re going to include every single piece of extra hardware you need to install so it goes on right the first time! Don’t forget to download our step by step color instructions for this install using the icon below or by using the Dozuki App using the link below.

big gains subheadline
easy to install with this design

Our design intent is simple, reduce complexity and add style while hitting all the performance specs for this inlet pipe. Yes, a multipiece design is easier to manufacturer but it doesn’t look great with all the extra connection points and it doesn’t let you hide the unsightly EVAP nozzle. We’ve relocated that funk to the back side using OEM style fittings for a sleek look you won’t find anywhere else. Who else does that!? We also guarantee a direct drop-in fit, no tune required, and no CEL.

For material, we opted for A356-T6 aluminum. It’s high strength, lightweight, and has the looks you want for this very visible part of your engine bay.

cast aluminum construction subheadline
we offer 2 different finishes

Another thing you won’t find anywhere else, an option to leave your inlet pipe uncoated so you can finish it in any color you want. We’ll make sure you pay less for this option too. Sorry, you can’t do that with the other options on the market. Want to stick with the stealth look? Well, opt for one of our TIPs in the textured black powdercoat instead.

hardware and gaskets subheadline works with the stock intake

The 27WON Turbo Inlet pipe will work with a few different combinations of intake systems. Want to retain your OEM airbox? No problem, we have an option for that. What about an upgraded intake like our 27WON SRI? Heck, yeah! We’ve designed just the right coupler to bolt this inlet pipe to our SRI. We’re always working on new fitment options so check back as we unveil these new fitments over the next few months.

advisory subheadline
  • If opting for the Natural uncoated finish, please note that some casting texture is apparent on the surface of the inlet pipe. This is normal and occurs during the manufacturing process. We recommend coating or painting your inlet pipe if you prefer a super even finish.
  • All TIP's are hand crafted and as such some variation exists between each and every unit.

27won learn more subheadline


Who approved the OEM design?!
A new concept is born
Protoyping an all-new inlet
Bigger than the rest

27won service and support subheadline
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and machined in Vancouver, WA, in the greater PNW
  • Full color digital installation instructions. Install app downloads can be found here Play Store and Itunes
  • Free shipping in the lower 48 states and discounted international shipping

Installing Your Upgraded Turbo Inlet Pipe

Difficulty: 3/5

3/5 Difficulty




Have this paired with the SRI adds some more noise and feels more responsive great upgrade
Nice upgrade...looks really cool...slapped this on...paired with the 11th gen GIN turbo and the turbo whistle got significantly louder. Turning heads on the sidewalk wherever I go.....car feels smoother throughout the powerban.
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All 2022+ 1.5T Honda Civic Si and Non-Si trims
All 2023+ 1.5T Acura Integra trims
Will work on cars equipped with

  • OEM Honda Airbox
  • 27WON SRI
Works with both 6 Speed Manual and CVT applications