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2022+ Civic & Integra 1.5T Short Ram Intake (SRI) System

2022+ Civic & Integra 1.5T Short Ram Intake (SRI) System

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There is no doubt that an upgraded intake system for the latest generation Honda Civic and Acura Integra is at the top of every enthusiasts wish-list when it comes to performance mods.

Pop the hood of any 1.5T powered Sedan or Hatch, and you quickly realize that Honda spent the time to really prioritize packaging, costs, and simplicity when designing the intake system found in your car. BORING!

When we started the process to design a new intake system from scratch, we knew it had to perform well under the toughest conditions and sound good doing it. WE KNOW YOU'RE HERE FOR THE SOUND(sound clips below if you want to skip to those). Don't worry, we also future-proofed this mod by giving you the ability to upgrade down the line to a 27WON cold air intake if you want (can’t give too much away yet, stay tuned....)

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Pop the hood under your Civic or Integra and you immediately get hit with a sea of black plastic boxes and piping. There is absolutely nothing fancy about the stock intake or it’s design. We knew we wanted to add some bling factor to the intake system and that’s what you’ll find here.

We first ditched the factory airbox with its tiny restrictive panel filter. In place you’ll find a much larger and less restrictive dry-flow 4” inch filter. Then, the OEM plastic MAF assembly gets tossed out in favor of our billet aluminum piece (available in 2 colors). Finally, we add in 4-ply silicone with smooth transitions in place of the stock corrugated plastic piping

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We wanted to make this mod simple, just drop in and go. The MAF housings we mentioned earlier come ready to run in what we call “Street” variety. They’re sized just like OEM and don't require any re-calibration of the ECU.

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The more turns and banks that the air entering your engine has to make, the less efficient it becomes at making power. We want as straight of a shot as possible into your inlet pipe and then your turbocharger. Using specially designed 27WON 4-ply silicone, were able to make all of the transition points smooth creating a seamless path for airflow from end to end.

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You want your car to make all the right sounds, right? Well, this things screams with just the right amount of volume so you can hear those sweet induction sounds anytime you're hard on the gas pedal or rowing through your gears. Whether you have a CVT or 6 speed equipped Civic or Integra, you'll want to get on it just to hear your turbo spool up and vent more often. Still don't believe us? Just listen to the sounds clips in our video feature above.

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With a short ram system, one of the benefits is ease of install. Once your stock intake is out, everything is included in your new kit like nuts, bolts, brackets, and clamps to seal the deal and get you bolted quickly and easily. Also, this mod is full reversible if needed. With just a bit of practice, you can swap to or from this intake in just a couple minutes.

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Let’s talk about that filter for a second. We’ve been using this style of dry-flow filter for many years now and they just work. Avoid oiled filters that some other brands utilize because they’re just too much hassle to take care of. Bonus points; it comes with our 27WON ‘W” logo embedded for a pop of style.

When you’re ready to clean the filter, simply follow our included instructions here and replacement filters are always available to order in case you need them.

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Check out the complete details below on selecting the best intake for your ride

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  • Short Ram Intakes (SRI's) typically don't perform well in very hot environments, especially in traffic jams. Las Vegas in the summer? Probably best to stick to a Cold Air Intake like our upcoming Hybrid system
  • If you choose to run our 27WON SRI and later decide you'll run our upcoming Cold Air Intake, you'll get full credit for what you paid towards the CAI upgrade. Sort of like two intakes for the price of one!
  • While SRIs show hotter intake air temperatures(IATs) than other options, the Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC), especially an efficient upgraded unit, can compensate for for this by cooling much of that hotter air coming in so that charge air temps are only moderately hotter with an SRI

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Sounds awesome!
Purchased this for my Integra 6mt. My new SRI arrived quickly after the preset shipping date on April 4th. The install time was less than 1 hour. I previously owned the Cobra CAI with race MAF for my 18 Si. This SRI matched it in quality. I realize when I upgrade to the hybrid, I may lose some of the sound but for now, nice. Picasso.
Installed this product a few days ago, the sound is absolutely incredible. The only downside is the ache in my face from the constant smile that I have had ever since. Extremely easy to install. They give you all the resources to make it as easy as possible. AFR and intake temps seem to be ok so far here in SoFLo. Time will tell though the summer, but this thing is awesome I cant wait to pull the trigger on the inlet pipe!
Have been running this intake about 3 months now with no issues. I absolutely love the sounds, has to be the best bang for buck on the market. Definitely considering adding cold air duct now that it’s out!
I just installed mine and very amazed by how loud this thing is.
Love the sounds that come from this intake and when paired with the snorkel my iat's have gone down quite a bit.
I have this on my si and it sounds amazing all the turbo noises you can ask for even with music playing and windows up you can still hear the turbo
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