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Civic Hatch 10th Gen

A leather shift knob designed to fit on a 2016+ Honda Civic.

Complete Big Brake kit for 2016+ Honda Civic and 2017+ Honda Civic SI

In modern engines like those found in the 10th generation Honda Civic the turbocharger is the heart and breath of power and performance. The...

In the midst of power upgrades becoming more prevalent; it is easy to focus on horsepower and torque figures. However, your numbers don’t mean much if you...

Honda did a great job silencing your turbocharged 1.5L… almost too good. At 27WON we know what you want, what your desire… an exhaust...

Modern engine programming is a must have to extract maxuimum power and realibilty from your new Honda. The Hondata FlashPro is an all in...

There’s no better feeling than showing up to the local meet, popping the hood, and showing off the new "go-fast" parts. Add the satisfaction...

Performance turbocharged engines love a free flowing exhaust and intake system. The 27WON Performance Downpipe for the 2016+ Honda Civic SI,...

With today’s modern technology; computer controlled engine programming is a must have to unlock peak performance from your 2016+ Honda Civic, Accord, or...
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It's time to REDEFINE what it means to be a Honda Performance enthusiast. Represent wherever you go with the classic 27WON logo on front, and the...

Upgraded performance front-pipe for the L15 engine found on 2016 and later Honda Civic's
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A flexfit with clean lines like your car. See what we did there? This awesome hat is going to be your new go-to choice. Its clean black and...